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09-04-2005, 06:28 PM
hey everyone. i was wondering if yall could help me figure out my static problem. my setup is in my sig. so yea, i have little but some what noticable static in my fronts and the same goes with my left rear speaker. the right rear speaker on the other hand has tons and tons of static. so yea i think i checked all my grounds and they seem fine. i set my gains to 13v using the gaints setting tutorial where the theoretical value is 15.81v [sqrt (62.5X4)] so my gains is lower than what is recommended so i don't think thats the problem. my wires are fine. on the right rear speaker i tested two kinds of speakers to see if there was something wrong with the speaker. i tested my polks and the rainbow sl 165. they both had bad static coming from the right rear so i know its not the speaker. so i had my friend check it out and after everything he concluded it could possibly be my HU causing the problem. he said its possible that it is sending a bad signal, since all the speakers have static. so is he right? i mean my HU has 8v pre out so a low pre amp isn't the problem. i am new to car audio so please correct me if i am wrong in some areas. all help is appreciated thanx.

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09-05-2005, 06:56 AM
could be sending a bad signal...but i've never heard of an eclipse sending bad signals, i'd check your wiring again