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09-01-2005, 08:31 PM
I was looking at the Golf GTI install photos from FHRX studios.


I must say I'm very impressed. I have just bought a Kicker Solo-Baric 12" L7. I have a 97 Corolla Seca, and I'm just trying to design a box.

Would anyone be able to tell me the dimensions of the box they used in the Golf?
By the looks of it, it appears that the top of the box is only a few cm's deep. What angle did they have to put on the front for the basket not to hit the back wall?

Also I havn't received my sub yet, should be getting sent today, so I'm not 100% of all the dimensions. I know the mounting cut out is 28.44x28.44cm, the outer flange is 31.85x31.85cm and the mounting depth is 17.3cm.

Now as you probably would know the corolla doesn't have much boot space, so i want to try and retain as much as possible but still be able to have a decent looking display. I'm thinking of build the box across the back of the seat like you did in the golf, and the amp in a false floor.

With the golf does the sub box get pushed forward, so that you can access the spare tyre? I think thats probably what I'll have to do with mine, as there is only about 15cm from the back of the seat to start of the wheel well.

I have about 92cm between the wheel arches (in the boot) and then about 33cm in height or about 37cm if i remove the parcel shelf (it has a curled down lip on the front edge. I probably should build a custom parcel shelf.

Your help would be much appreiciated.

09-01-2005, 09:39 PM
pics dont work

09-01-2005, 09:45 PM
Links Fixed, Sorry :)

09-01-2005, 09:50 PM
to me it looks like the sub is actually freeair. the last pic makes it look like its not a box, rather just a leathered face to mount it on.

09-01-2005, 10:21 PM
I don't think it is freeair, as the sub ain't a freeair sub. and if you look closely the staples on the end, bellow that is more timber so I'm pretty sure it is a box.

Does anyone have the dimensions of the sub?