View Full Version : KickerLivinLoud = teh awesome

09-01-2005, 05:06 PM
Mad props go to KickerLivinLoud (KLL) as a seller. I paid for his pair of LIs about 3 days ago, and they come in super fast via UPS. In the boxes he took a lot of care to make sure my subs were not harmed in any way, and there was no pressure on the cones.

The subs themselves are in extremely good condition. I am their third owner. The subs were bought new from Moe Lester, sold to KLL, and then to me. The suspension is still very stiff considering their use, and the only real wear I can find is some scratches on the magnets. Both Moe Lester and KLL take very good care of their equipment.

Also a bonus, he stuffed some eggcrate foam in the boxes for padding! YES! This stuff is insanely rare in my area, and it's just great to have!

KickerLivingLoud gets one excellent review as a seller from me. Don't hesitate to buy from him.

09-07-2005, 11:03 PM
Thanks man, glad you liked the eggcrate foam! lol. Had a bunch of it laying around and figured it would work good. Great buyer guys!! Very trustworthy and easy to keep in touch with!