View Full Version : need box designed for 8 12"s

09-01-2005, 02:08 PM
i need a box designed for 8 12"s we have a jeep cheeroke were putting it in, the dimensions are.....18 deep, 34 tall, 43 wide, can anyone help cause the thing is i need to make it were each sub has a 1.25 cubic airspace...i dont have a clue how im going to do it...theres a shoe on saturday and this car will be in a magazine with my buisness and everything but im lost on how we should do it, because if these subs have to much airspace cant they....technically "Not sound good" cause i dont want this huge box to basically cancel the subs out ya know?, any ideas....were making a wall so it will be facing out side the trunk when the back door is opened.
Please let me know!

09-01-2005, 02:18 PM
1.25 cubes times 8 woofers = 10 cubes. given your specs you have 15 cubes to work with, shrink the box to get the dimensions you need, im assuming you are going to be running them sealed. but im also going to offer you this advice...

if youre asking for help with such a huge project, perhaps the project is more than you are capable of taking on... i know youve been around long enough to figure out that concept, which is why im suprised to see you asking questions like these... i also think you would get better results with fewer woofers and a different install. and i would personally find it more impressive to see a proper install rather than someone trying to fit too much into too little...

09-01-2005, 02:29 PM
well as for this, this is not my doing i run single sub setups ;) , im just baffled with the situation, he ordered the 8 12"s from me so im not going to say no ya know what i mean?, so we now have the woofers, and im trying to work with the woofers and see what we can come up with , its for a show car not for a competition, trust me if it was for spl i wouldnt have done the 8 12"s i would have done 1 15" in there ;) anyways yeah it is a huge project i was just looking for some ideas that you guys may have :) thank you for your insight hoss and hope to get more responses.

09-01-2005, 04:28 PM
I don't have a way of putting my visual concept into this forum, but I was figuring that since the show is this weekend and you need something quick. Why not just do a large box with a bunch of smaller boxes inside to make up the 8 chambers. The sheer thought of 8 subs in the back of a cherokee should be pretty impressive. If you have extra time, finish the outside of the box in something besides carpet, do metal, mirror, etc. and give it flair that way.