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08-31-2005, 10:54 PM
I looking to put a real system in my car. I listen to Jazz, Funk, Blues, Reggae, some Rock, and Talk Radio. In particular I prefer to focus my listening on guitar, bass, and rhythym not horns and violins—I feel that makes me lean towards silk in tweeters instead of harder metal ones. I haven’t found a store in my area I respect so I am writing for help as I would rather buy from experiences of educated installers online then from less educated locals.

Here is what I already have from my previous vehicle, I am not re-using the rest:
JVC HU with 3 – 4 volt outputs
Phoenix Gold ZX475ti 4x75Wrms/2x150/1x250 (@4ohms)
Old skool Phoenix Gold M44 4x55Wrms/2x155 (@4ohms) –155?

My primary goals for the system:
1) To sound good for daily driving—I put on about 40k miles a year
2) Focus on SQ and not SPL-for the rear I will use the stock component spks and hu power with the tweeters detachted
3) To take up minimal space, the smaller the sub box the better—I need my trunk for work
4) Utilize the current amplifiers that I have—unless they are ludicrous to keep
5) Do a slick, clean fiberglass install
6) Have a little bump now and then—unless it kills #2 but I’d still like it
7) Be a little unique, especially considering the lack of local help

After spending days reading tons of articles on this site, I have a plan but it may be way off and I would like help. As for the amount of money that I would spend on the front stage drivers and subwoofers, my goal would be to keep it near $500 but again if there is justifiable reasons for expanding this please point me in the right direction.

So now down to the real question: What front stage mid-bass, tweeter, cross-over combination should I buy and packaged with what subwoofer. I know this is the speaker forum, but since I want them to match together well I thought it made sense here.

Here are what my current thoughts are from reading on these forums:
Use the M44 in 4/2 bridge mode putting 155w x 2 powering a DVC subwoofer keeping everything at 4 ohms then for musical balance. The sub I have chosen so far is the SoundSplinter RL-i10 D4 $169—based on good reviews and the fact that their website recommends a 0.21cuft enclosure (+sub)which is nice and small.

Use the ZX475ti 4/2 bridge mode putting 150w x 2 powering a set of enclosed Ology crossover/Dayton RS180/Dayton RS28—based on the educated answers that Dylan has given on other posts makes me feel this would be a better solution than spending the same amount of money on a more well known set of used speakers off Ebay

Followed by the Secondary Question
Are my amps heavy duty enough to push my choices, and which amp would you use to push the subs—both accept my L-pad?
And secondly when it comes to positioning the speakers, will it be okay to fiberglass the sub enclosure near the rear taillight in the trunk—it is large enough to fit a custom enclosure. And for my components, is the location of Flakko’s kick pod what I am trying to emulate? It seems they might be where I step, but if acoustically it is better I am on it. http://forums.caraudio.com/vb/showthread.php?t=113699&highlight=dayton
Or should I just try to find a kick location that has a pretty clear path to my ears and the most equal distant that it can possibly be?

What do you think of my choices, are there other things that you would recommend?

I really appreciate your help! I think others might be in the same boat that I am. Smaller space, reasonable budget, and just can’t handle not having something to put a smile on your face.

09-01-2005, 01:04 AM
Well feel free to send me an AIM (OlogyAudio) and I'll help walk ya though options -- I do have to say even at the volumes you are messing with the RLP would be worth it but the space requirement of the rli is nice... -- would be fine to fiberglass an enclosure in.

People have successfully installed the Dayton RS drivers IB and in kicks so ethr way it will sound great... Not a lot of kick IB but very smooth and fairly large dynamic potential...

The RS drivers are very very revealing being that the tweeter is aluminum... but very relaxed for an aluminum driver... but one nonetheless if you don't like them...

Have some seas designs using soft dome tweeters and poly mids -- still very detailed just a little smoother...

09-01-2005, 01:36 AM
How big of an enclosure volume do the RS need? There may be enough space in my kicks for me to glass one in.

If the aluminum is pretty mellow, it probably won't affend me. The cheap metal domes in the local stores do though.

On the email note, I did send you one earlier today as well.