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08-31-2005, 01:37 PM
Anyone know anything about this alarm?

I was quoted 500.00 w/ installation. Does that sound decent?



- One, 8 button High Frequency Standard Remote Transmitters
- One, 8 button 2-way LCD transceiver
- Two-way, window mount extended range helical transceiver antenna module
- SIS-11 dual stage shock / glass sensor
- Discrete temperature sensor that communicates in-car temperature via LCD remote
- Window mount knock sensor for driver paging
- Remote car starter with 5 on-board relays and all the features of the RS-650
- 66 Bit Random Code Hopping
- Code Learning / Anti-scan Receiver
- Back-up Memory System
- Dedicated Remote Panic and Car Locator
- Passive Arming By-pass from Remote
- Parking Light Flash Dual Polarity (relay on-board)
- 2nd Channel Auxiliary Output
- Plug-in Push type Valet/Override Switch
- Plug-in Super Bright LED
- Starter Disable Output with Relay & Socket (included)
- Dome Light Illuminated Entry
- 1 Positive, 4 Negative Inputs
- Error By-pass Reporting
- 120 db Electronic siren
- Horn Honk Output
- Ground When Armed Output
- Dual Polarity (+/-) Door Lock Outputs
- Drivers Priority 2 Step Unlock
- Output for optional P.I.R. sensor
- All Programmable Features are Programmed via the Remote Transmitter


- Two-way transmitting remote and paging receiver with 3 color LCD-
- Transmitting range up to 1000 feet and receiving range up to 1 quarter mile
- 8-button configuration (3 buttons on front & 5 buttons on side)
- Powered by 1 "AAA" type 1.5volt alkaline battery with battery life indicator
- 3-color LCD screen displays
- Over 25 icons and figures providing around the clock confirmation on vehicle and alarm status
- Back lighting for nighttime use
- 24 hour digital clock with countdown timer for parking meter reminder and alarm
- The clocks doubles as a temperature indicator for monitoring in-car temperature
- Multiple audible confirmation tones and melody chimes as well as vibrator mode for paging
- Silent arm mode capable


- 5 On Board Relays
- Ignition 1, Ignition 2, Starter, Accessory, Parking Light, 3rd Ignition Output, Ground When Start Output
- Diesel Fuel Compatible
- Hood Safety Pin Switch Input
- Selectable Voltage / RPM Start Sensing / Timer Start
- Timer Start Control (.6 seconds - 4 seconds)
- Temporary Stop Feature
- Factory Security Disarm & Rearm outputs
- Programmable 3 Hour / 24 Hour Timer Start
- Sensor Control Output During Start
- OEM Alarm Output
- Selectable Run Timer
- Ignition Control Lock By-pass During Remote Start


- Chirp Delete
- Manual / Passive Arming
- Passive Arming Door Locks
- Ignition Control Door Locks
- Automatic Re-arm
- Single/Double Pulse Unlock
- Pathway Illumination
- Voltage Sense/RPM Sense/Timer Start
- 5,10,20,30 Minute Run Timer
- Gasoline/Diesel Engine type
- Lock-Unlock Output Timing (.9-3 sec.)
- Factory Disarm/Rearm

09-02-2005, 03:30 PM
rip off

you can go to any store like best buy or circuit city and get a viper 791 or the python 881 and it will be a lot better quality and have a lifetime waranty.

09-02-2005, 10:59 PM
I wouldn't call it a rip-off. I've heard pretty good things about Autopage alarms, and this one has a few features that the Viper and Python models lack. If it's going to be installed by a reputable shop--one that's still going to be there in a few years--and if it comes with a lifetime warranty, I'd say go ahead.

09-02-2005, 11:41 PM
i paid 360 installed (w/ lifetime warr) including the dei bypass thingy for it..thaty was 30....i got quotes ranging from 360- 450...make sure the poeple are competent to install them well, you dont want a hack job especually reguarding alarms

i love mine to death..never had a better one....the only things i dont like is that it doesnt have
auto arm(if you forget)
gay car on display (beetle?)
and if you have to change the battery you might have problems using it..that is untill you press and hold the trunk button, i guess it resets it or sumtin..i found out the hard way

what i do like
is the option where you can leave the car running with the keys out of the ignition..
carbon fiber coated remote
awesome range, and even if you lock it and the remote says its still unlocked it prob is indeed locked..its deseaving..it has confused me a couple times

a friend of a friend got a pager system from bb or cc and they ripped his a$$hole...call around!

autopage is nowhere near crap..i've had them in every car i've owned so far..0 prob in 4 cars, all ranging from flee market specials to the pager system