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08-29-2005, 01:17 PM
My son is glassing the inner door panels of his Ranger, including MDF rings for comps. What kind of prep do you need to do to get resin to stick to plastic doors? He's afraid of delaminating.

08-29-2005, 01:46 PM
My son is glassing the inner door panels of his Ranger, including MDF rings for comps. What kind of prep do you need to do to get resin to stick to plastic doors? He's afraid of delaminating.

you know what i would do? i wouldnt waste my time getting the resin to stick to the door. it basically wont do it well (specially on a door that will get slammed quite often)

i would cut a hole in the door panel a little smaller than the area of the sealed pod. then cut out a 1\2" piece of wood and screw it in place with some huge self tapping 10mm screws (or somthing similar). remove it, then take a roll of tape and mask off the door panel. get a nice big piece of aluminum foil, and push it down to the metal underneath the door panel, and hot-glue the edges to the tape on the door so no resin leaks inside. get a nice big piece of fleece, and glue it to the back of your wood piece. stick that piece in place and screw it down. pulling the fleece out, glue it down to the foil\tape, and resin the crap out of it.

prolly add a few bits of FG matte on there while its wet. save you some time later and add alot of strength. (make sure you cover up the screwheads with some tape so you can take this thing out)

remove the mould, and cut it to shape.

sand the crap out of the edge, and get some REALLY THIN and extremly stretchy fabric, and mount your baffle at the correct angle on the wood base (make sure the speaker can fit depth wise too) and then stretch it around, and hot glue it in place. resin\glass this, and cut the speaker hole out.

now you can eaither sand + fill + paint. or sand + carpet (suede works awesome), or if you want it to be formed to the door panel, you can scuff the door up with some 40~80 grit, and get some of this crap;


apply it all around the under lip - area where the pod overlaps the door panel, and squish the pod in place and screw it down. then apply more around the edge to 'form' it in place.

when it dries, i would apply more to the backside of the pod just for a bit more strength, maybe rivet the pod to the door panel before the bodyfiller step?

then sand your door, (i would prolly apply a thin layer of the filler to the door to make the paint adhesion better) and paint it.

painting is going to be a huge pain in the ***. but imo - it would prolly look the best if you have the right kind of door panel.

good luck, ill get you some pictures of this process when i get home. its really eaiser than it sounds. i got some great pictures to illustrate it on my computer, and step-by-step pictures i took while i did this.

heres a picture of how mine look (i used suede)


08-29-2005, 04:05 PM
I suggest he thoroughly clean the panels first. Then sand the door with 60 or 80 grit and drill LOTS of holes into the panels. Make sure the f/g resin gets into the holes and after that is almost cured add more f/g cloth or matt and resin from the backside. That will lock it down.

08-31-2005, 12:00 PM
if you do that though it will eventually start to peel off of the door from the opening\closing vibrations.

clean\sand\drill the panel, then put a layer of that filler down that will chemically bond to the plastic from hzemall, then you can add your glass, the resin will stick well to the filler, but not to the plastics.

09-01-2005, 03:06 AM
yes, the resin will eventually delam. how large are the pods going to be?? One thing you can do is glue and screw a mdf ring along the plastic door, then use another ring to get whatever angle you want. Hot glue in place, then glass over the 2 pieces of mdf, and finish it with whatever you want.