View Full Version : My box size for 2 12L7s help out please!!!

08-29-2005, 11:08 AM
OKay...I have never made a ported box...I usually go sealed bc i like the sound of sealed.......and alot less work to make.
I have 2 Kicker L7 12s 2004-2005 models Dual 4 ohm

Now im building my box to the specs i can fit in my trunk and still get to the spare tire.
Material 3/4 MDF
The box exterior is 20 deep, 33 wide, 17 high.
interior is 18.5 deep, 31.5 wide and 15.5 high.

So after i started puting it together i started to design my ports....hmmm if i port it using a sloted style port with the mdf i will only have like 1.7 cubes per side???for sure not enough......
So I figured out a slotted style is not gonna work into the build....So would it be fine if i used two 3inch by 12 inch long ports?????
Or should i do one chamber and a long as port across the top of the box about 2 inches?
Also should i seperate chamber them just incase i want to do two seperate amps next year???
They will both be powered by a PA 3000DB for now.
Here a a couple pics of whats goin on.

Thanks for any input!
sound domain page......http://www.sounddomain.com/ride/785985


08-29-2005, 11:16 AM
with those demensions u have 5.227 cubes.....the subs shouldnt take more than .4 i believe, and the port shouldnt take more than .8 so im sure u have atleast 4 cubes......maybe im wrong and make it one chamber PLEASE

08-29-2005, 12:19 PM
Hmmm since it is gonna be a tad bit small should i poly fill the s*** outta it????I know when i made my box for three alpine Type S's I mad the box 4.229 cubes sealed and polyfilled it with 3 pounds of it and it hammered!!!!
But I think the poly fill will try to come out the ports lol