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08-27-2005, 11:51 PM
Im been looking for some new 5 1/2 component speakers for my 95 Grand Prix 2 door. So far im leaning towards either JL AUDIO XR 525 XR525-csi, JL AUDIO VR525-csi, or POLK AUDIO DB5250 does anyone run any of these and if so how would you rate them. I'll be running them off a Percision Power P4200 amp, I know it's kinda small amp but I got a steal of a deal(Percision Power amp P4200, Rockford Fosgate 40i punch amp(OLDSCHOOL), Older 10' Rockford Punch sub w/box, and a Kenwood KAC-819 amp for $40.00 [:o]) Thanxs