View Full Version : what to do (help needed)

08-25-2005, 12:31 AM
i have a sony cdx-m9900 powering (4) 6x8 kenwood coaxials in my ford mustang. a guy will buy my HU for $450.

should i:

1) sell the head unit and pay about $260 on top of the 450 he gives me for my sony to get an eclipse cd8455?

2) keep my head unit and buy an amp to go along with my current speakers and head unit?

in my opinion i think it would be best to get the eclipse while i have the opportunity i have now, but some argue that the difference in audio will be so small it would be a waste of money. any help/opinions would be appreciated.. thanks!!

08-25-2005, 10:51 AM
You could sell the sony and get a different head unit, Alpine, Pioneer, and also buy a seperate amp. For example buy a $200 Alpine, Kenwood, Pioneer, etc. and a $250 4 channel amp or some combination of the two totaling to the $450 your getting from the sony. In my opinion I believe it would be better to have a less fancy head unit that still is well built just minus the extra dolphins and bells and whistles and get a 4 channel amp to power the speakers. The external amp should make your speakers louder and might also improve sound quality.