View Full Version : Clarion DXZ655MP for SQ competition set up?

08-25-2005, 12:25 AM
I have been reading post after post after post trying to decide on a HU for my first SQ competition set up. I will be a "rookie" next year and will be setting up my system in an xB. Looking to have 6.5" components in the front and not sure about the rear fill yet. The sub will be an Image Dynamics IDQ12 in a sealed box. Mono and 2 or 4 ch amp powering everything. I also want to put in a seperate EQ.
My problem is that I can't decide on a deck and am looking for a little imput. Will this be a good deck?? I'm concerned about the 2v pre-outs and sound processing. Would I need to step it up to the 855mp for the 24-bit processing and 4v pre-outs. I don't care about looks, just quality sound processing. The problem is the 655 can be picked up for under $200, but the 855 would be at least $350. Any help anyone can offer would be great.