View Full Version : mixing components / review

08-22-2005, 02:42 AM
well i started off the day with my ba 4x6 plates, pioneer rev series 5.25 comps and the alpine 6.75 comp...i made mdf adapters for the 2 sets of comps..ready to go now..

ba plates.............awesome highs but really no midbass..though it was rediculoius for a 3" woofer....

moving on

revs series comps.....the best highs of the bunch(1")....had a little better midbass then the boston acoustics, though not that much better

Alpine type r's..... obviously the best midbass of the three..though not that great of SQ.....the tweeter was eeeeeehhh...i've heard worse..could had been settings..i did want this set in the car so i went out of my way to double check setting ect...no luck


i took the pioneer x-over, matched up with the pioneer tweets and alpine midbass...sound awesome...

i cant see anything wroung with this, what do you guys think????

08-22-2005, 02:45 AM
if you pic ****s want some i'll get em...

though i havnt completly installed anything, i will give pics of all the above mentioned just for the hell of it