View Full Version : Better LED for PAC SWI-X?

08-15-2005, 05:35 PM
Anyone here replaced teh LED on their PAC SWI-X?

I'm tryng to hook it up in my titan to an eclipse CD5444, and the remote sensor on the CD5444 is compleat crap I tried located the sensor in Center Console, Overhead console Etc, with absolutly no luck! It worked when I held teh LED approximately in the 2 locations you see I drilled in the pic below, but after mounted the angle is jsut off enough that it won't work unless I cup my hand over the CD Player, Hence no point in using a PAC.


I asked the company about replacing the LED and they told me not to.

So is my only option to Toss my Brand new Eclipse CD5444 and get something else? So much for that 5 year warranty I purchased with it...?

I found a high powered about 10x mroe power than stock LED, but it is rated at 880nm and the one it uses is 940nm. It's also expensive so I don't want to purchase it for no reason.


Basicaly on the outside of the bezel taped to it eventhe sensor works, but once mounted in he side it does not, the angle is off just a little bit. The eclipse is the least responsive Remote Sensor I have ever used. The remote is all but pointless it has to be aimed right a the HU's sensor or it does not work.

I really like the HU, it woul dbe a shame to have wasted $260 on a HU that I cannot get to work with the steering wheel controlls.

08-16-2005, 01:43 AM
Anyone have any ideas? I'm about to trade in my Eclipse for a lesser HU since I can't get my steering wheel controlls to work with it, and I contacted both Eclipse and the PAC company, I bet they think it's funny i just worked out $400 and will have to get something else.

Anyoe know if that clarion made by McIntosh has better remote sensitivity? I'd like a replacement HU to have enough sensitivity to use the PAC.

The Eclipse works with it, but I wuld have to glue or tape the LED to the outside of the bezel on my truck which would look friggin fugly as hell.

08-16-2005, 12:13 PM
Ok well new question has anyone successfully gotten a PAC SWI-X to work with their eclipse or am I the only one who likes to maintain the steering wheel controlls on their vehicle?

So Far I'm Starting to HATE my HU do to a few Major faults with it. Everyone on the titan forum is laughing now saying I should have gotten kenwood instead...

08-17-2005, 04:03 PM
Does anyone even know what a PAC-SWI-X is? LOL

Just ordered $20 of IR LEDs to see if I can find a fix for Eclipse HU's lack of IR responsivness.

08-17-2005, 04:22 PM
i know what it is and have the same hu, but decided that i didnt need steering wheel controls that badly. i like my 5444 for SQ, dont think i'd ever get a kenwood over it unless the FLAGSHIP kenwood deck.

08-23-2005, 03:25 PM
I ordered a Variety of IR LED's ot a bunch of them for like $20 online some 3mm some 5mm some super power 5mm. Alldifferent Beam Angles.

Going to buy a new soldering iron this weekend and have some fun, hopefully one of them will work, from some location, preferably form one I already drilled into my new truck...

If not, I'm hoping the one with a 60 deg beam angle (1/2 power @ 60 deg) will work located near the shifter. My Friends Pioneer works open or closed from this location, and thats with the stock LED 6deg beam angle...

I was not able to find any information on the PAC's LED power supply, wether it is voltage regulated or current regulated. Hell for all I know I can mount 3 LED's in the Center console all powered by the PAC.or mount like all 20 of them I purchased off some kinda relay, hopefully that would be enough to compensate for the HU's Lack or remote sensitivity! lol!

I really want my steering wheel controlls back. it's a far reach to change song tracks on the CD5444, and when playing MP3's yuo have to wait a few seconds between songs, making me hold my arm up there for quite some time.

08-30-2005, 03:13 AM
GOt the LED's

Just wanted to let people know that they DO make a difference. Especialy the GaAlAs 5mm version. It was Noticably easier to trigger the HU.

the 3mm IR LED on the Pac is of good qualiy though, the high power nearly makes up for it's loss of beam angle.

I tried some less powerful ones at closer ranges with more beam angle and was able to set the sensor off on the HU easier.

There are better LED's than the cheap ones I usedbut I would suggest the 3mm version with 40 deg beam, that I tried or the 5mm GaAlAs if you jsut need a bit more power.

After playing and being unsuccessful in areas I had drilled I ended up using the stock LED though.

I found a new location that does not look like it would work but it does ;) The Smaller LED was favored because it is less than 1 inch from the Sensor on my HU and also because of it's bluish color , knowing it is a 3mm GaAlAs and size.

THere are some crazy POWERFUL IR led's that I maybe have been able to get working, but they emmit so much light that they can damage your esys if you look at them directly, and you cannot see the light!

Anyone interested here is a good link to start with

If you would like to try a 5mm GaAIA LED with your PAC because you have problems with sunlight on the HU or LED shoot me a pm I have $15 in IR LED's that I have no use for! this 5mm is probably several times brighter than the stock LED (Although invisable light :P ) I did not check the current from the PAC but I would assume it is not Op[timal for a higher power replacement.