View Full Version : Odd Speaker Problem; Please help!

08-10-2005, 12:56 PM
First of all, I'm new, so.. hello! Good to be on such a smart forum; I've been lurking here for months.

Second, before I rip my car apart, I was looking for some advice/guidence on an issue I realized yesterday. First, a bit of background; my car is 2000 Ford Focus zx3, and my system consists of an alpine 9807, Boston Acoustics Fs-60 components, Pioneer 4-channel amp (bridged to 2 channel to the components) a Rockford Fosgate 2 channel 551s feeding two alpine Type-R 12" subs in a sealed enclosure.

Good, clean sounding setup. I love it. Yesterday, though, I realized that the left component speaker was playing at a lower level than my right one. It sounded a bit lower, less forward in the midrange, and overall just more... shallow. The right component plays loud, clear, perfect.

I checked the gains; there's 2 on the pioneer amp, seemingly 1 for each channel. Adjusting them doesn't make a difference; both control both speakers simultaniously, so that's not the problem. The balance is at 0 in the middle.

I played with the rca's, sending the signal and power from the right channel (the one that plays well and loud) to the left speaker... and we get the same result, the left speaker still plays lower, so its not the rca's, or the head unit, or the amp. What else could it be then?

I'm thinking: rewiring with 16 gauge & checking the crossover next. both are a pain, but I guess that's my next choice. But before I do that..

any suggestions???? thanks in advance!

08-10-2005, 02:22 PM
Did you install the comps yourself? If not, pop that door off and give it a look.