View Full Version : good coaxial?

08-01-2005, 02:51 AM
im intersted in upgradeing from a 4" in the dash to a coax in the doors, anyone ever heard a coax sound good and give some decent mid-bass? 6.5 even some 7 inchers out there!...powerd off the hu? no components wanted.


Botle Rocket Wa
08-01-2005, 03:49 AM
In my own search for the same thing you're looking for, I ended up ordering some Alpine SPS-170A's. You may be willing to spend more, the Alpines sell for about $100 locally. I listened to them for a fairly long time with my own CD's at a local audio store and fell in love. I really like the adjustable tweeter, you can point it anywhere you want.

I heard some Pioneer "REV" series speakers. They sounded pretty amazing. I've been told they are some of the clearest speakers you can buy, and there is no doubt. I don't know about them being yellow, but you can't see mine in the door anyway.

Infinity's, but mostly cheaper Pioneers sound way to "harsh" for me. The Infinity's actually aren't too bad, they were in my top 3. The 60i2 series is what I was looking at.

Dual speakers sound like 25 year old Bose speakers. Boston Acoustics sounded very nice, as did Kenwood, and Eclipse. They are just priced too high for me. Polk speakers sounded great with an amp, but supposedly don't do well without one.

I will be running my Alpines off my Pioneer HU. I will update on how they are when I put them up head to head against my new Pioneer 4-ways, which I can't stand any longer.

08-01-2005, 05:41 AM
The new zapco Iforce speakers sound incredible with just HU power, I don't know the price but they are bomb.