View Full Version : Did I Blow A Fuse ?????????????

07-31-2005, 08:25 PM
aight i have a 89 cadillac sedan deville as my daily driver,i have a jvc head unit in it,well today i was putting my earrings in my ashtray when one of them fell into the cigarette lighter,and the next thing i know the cd player stopped working,its not connected to the ashtray at all and the lights,etc all are working,can anybody explain to me whats going on,i cant get it to turn on for *****

07-31-2005, 08:28 PM
Take it out and look at it... might have grounded out somwhere, might be some stray wires, might be fried :) , or a wire came loose.

07-31-2005, 08:43 PM
You may have fried you accesory fuse. Check you fuse box or panel and look for the ACC fuse check it out. This happened to me before and that is all it was.

07-31-2005, 11:46 PM
You actually blew the constant fuse. In an older GM the cigarette lighter works with the key on or off, and it's often a shared circuit with the radio memory wire. Make sure the earring is back out of the cigarette lighter, then find the blown fuse in the vehicle fuse box (it probably won't be labelled 'radio') and replace it. Your CD player should work then.