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07-26-2005, 07:21 PM
Ok I have a KC titan so I don't have a factory location to mount components. I do not feel it is necessary to have a second set of components in the rear so close o the front set. although I guess if I get DVD later it will screw with putting in 5.1 (no plans to do this at this time)

I have 2 ideas for rear fill and wonder which will actualy sound better.

1) get some efficent coaxis and run them off the HU.
2) get some XXX 6.5s (rear windows on the KC do not roll down ) and use my eclipse amp to power tehm 150 watts to eah channel @ 2 ohms? buy a new 100x2 amp for Iridiums for the front. I can get the XXX's for $175

What will give me a better rear Fill?

if I go with the first option are these an good to be powered off the HU?


open to other suggestions also, the factory speakers are 2 ohm 6.5's, I called eclipse and they told me not to run them off the HU on seperate channels, so I wired them in series for 4 ohm mono and ran them off 1 channel of the HU...*****...the factory Sterio could push them fine but not my new one?

07-26-2005, 07:26 PM
Well option 2 will give you better rear fill but it all depends on how much you want to spend and if you think it's worth it.

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07-26-2005, 07:30 PM
good rear fill = no rear fill

unless you don't have subs...

07-26-2005, 10:10 PM
what's up jus? i agree w/pat. however, if you do run w/rear fill it certainly should not overwhelm the fronts. exclude the upper frequencies altogether. get a "whatever" midrange and connect your hu to it as you suggested.
when you upgrade to your 5.1, you can also upgrade to a higher pair for your rear channels.
a good read by glass:

07-27-2005, 11:37 AM
Mike, Interesting read thanks for that.

If I hook the whatever 6.5's up to the rear I would definately not power them as much as the fronts. Fronts will have 75 watts and rear will have 11 lol.

I was thinking about amping tem and fading to the front for general use.

One reason I was looking for some rear fill is becase the suicide doors on the Nissan Titans open 168 degrees. This makes them perfect for mounting speakers in the rear to be listened to while outside of the vehicle. May not sound practical but I often go camping at Glamis, Gordons sand dunes etc and theres nothing like a nice cold beer and some good tunes after you get back from a long ride. Having the doors open almsot the full 180 deg means I can aim them almost any direction for listening outside of the vehicle.

I found this quote Rather Interesting

"To wring out the last bit of negative side effects, the rear speakers should be in mono. This can be done only if you have an external amplifier. In other words, this is impossible with a stock stereo system. "

Why is it impossible? My stock speakers are 2 ohms, so I wired them to a single channel on the stock HU in series making them mono.....and they still get pretty loud since they are recieving about 1-2 watt less than the stock HU puts out with each speaker on a seperate channel.

I was tempted to get the XXX's beause I think that is a pretty good price for new XXX's which would also eliminate having tweeters in the rear.

I'm not sure I argee with the article fully, although it seems having tweeters in the rear might distract from the front having some nice sterio midrange, seems that it would fill nicely so it would not sound like I'm just listenign to the tweeters in my dash and a space behind me.

pwnt by pat
07-27-2005, 02:03 PM
If you do that then you'll have only one rear channel, rear left or rear right. Also, each speaker will recieve less wattage from the head unit, about 5-10rms.

07-27-2005, 04:10 PM
If you do that then you'll have only one rear channel, rear left or rear right. Also, each speaker will recieve less wattage from the head unit, about 5-10rms.

Correct, however the stock HU only put out about 7 Watts per channel anyways so I don't notice much difference other than the sound it a bit more crisp off the Eclipse HU than the stock one. but non the less it is mono sound.

I have been told that this may overheat my HU and speakers shoudl never be wired in series off the HU, but considering that these speakers were only designed to run off the facvtory HU that puts out slightly more power on 2 chanels than my Eclipse does on one I'm not sure I I should be?

pwnt by pat
07-27-2005, 05:01 PM
as long as you give it a four ohm load you should be safe.

With that little power you probably won't really notice the speakers anyway.

07-27-2005, 05:18 PM
good rear fill = no rear fill

unless you don't have subs...
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07-27-2005, 07:30 PM

audiophiles against rear fill? or are you calling me a dog?

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08-02-2005, 05:06 PM
Ok so I need some help making a final decision.

The Rear Fill is not like in a car where there are 6x9's in the back they are in the side suicide doors a couple feet behind the driver.

No matter what kind of fill I choose I will NOT be able to fade front to rear as my eclipse CD5444 does not allow me to do this while using Time Alignment. Basicaly the only way for me to fade front to rear is to set the gain on the amplifier and leave it (it is not in the most accessable place, probably behind the rear seats)

I'm thinking of using my eclipse 3321 75x2 amp (it's pretty powerful as it is an older 6+ years old model) for the rear fill.


1) Keep stock rear speakers and run them off the HU, or amp them, however they have a rating of like 20 watts which is probably peak watts.

2) Install the Mids from my Kenwood dual mag components(already have these), (one tweeter is blown but both mids work) These will require an amp to make any volume, I can put the crossovers in the door as there is only Low Cut and Pass Through Options (not sure which I should choose since when runing the HU in advanced mode I have a X-over option)...I could run these off the HU or amp them with the eclipse and purchase an DLS A3 Amp for my Iridiums.

3) Buy some XXX 6.5' If I act now I can get a deal on them, they will require ALOT of work to fit in my doors as I only have about 3 inches of mount depth in the rear doors, I might be able to get anotehr inch using MDF adapters. I would run these off my eclipse 75x2 and replace the 75x2 im using for my iridims with an A3.

4) Remove rear door speakers compleatly and Seal and Matt them (However I feel it would be nice to have some sound behind me even if it is just midranges with no tweeters)

5) Purchase DLS Coaxils and runt them off the eclipse 75x2 buy A3 for my front comps.

Thanks for reading and helping me make a final decision, I'm held up from mating the rear doors and mounting my amplifiers pending decisions.

08-02-2005, 05:26 PM
how about no rear fill.... or put in some dayton RS 7"ers just remove the shielding cup and bucking magnet and you are just under 3" of mounting depth... they need to be lowpassed at like 1khz or less if your filter is 2nd order... you prolly want to just use them between 80-200hz though at the most... heh... XXX would be better but thatd be a rough fit...

08-02-2005, 05:27 PM

audiophiles against rear fill?
you got it...but the other answers were funnier...

pwnt by pat
08-02-2005, 06:18 PM
If you want them for when you swing your doors open, run a line from the ebrake to a remote line to the speakers. Then, when you park the truck, put the ebrake on and the amp for the rears will kick on... Bam, no rear fill when driving but rear speakers when you camp.

08-02-2005, 06:29 PM
Interesting Idea, I could also just mount a switch in one of the Blank slots, I alreay have to add another switch to enable my Rear locker in 2WD and 4WD High Rather than jsut having the option to enable it in 4WD Low.

I really wish I could just fade the **** rear speakers with my HU, in fact the eclise does not even have an option to have no rear speakers. Just Location, Door or Other.