View Full Version : Deck is running VERY HOT!

07-24-2005, 09:25 PM
Well my new panasonic deck is running very hot. It is around 88 degrees outside and the inside of my car is very hot because it's dark and doesn't dissipate heat well. I have yet to be in a car as hot as mine. Anyway even at that this deck is running hot. I ran it for around 15 minutes. I had to remove the deck to fix a external fan switch for my amps and that's when I felt the deck. THe metal casing is so hot that leaving your hand on for 5 seconds will burn your finger. If you touch the heat sink area your hand will be burnt in 2 seconds. This unit is brand new. I'm now wondering if this has something to do with the dc/dc converter (currently not being grounded) or if there's something else wrong. I'm afraid that this cd deck is going to overheat on my long summer drives of 3 hrs. in 90+ degree heat and cause the deck to wear premature and break in a few years or less.

Sound quality of the deck is excellent, unfortunately I may return it under the 30 day guarantee due to the excessive heat. In fact it is so hot I'm afraid some wire are going to touch the metal casing and cause a short or possible fire.