View Full Version : video problem with indash HELP

07-20-2005, 02:42 AM
I have a Pioneer AVH-6400CD indash and i hooked up an xbox to it and when i turned the indash on it had lines going across it and the audio gets a lil staticy.
Theres even lines on it when the xbox is off. The only time the lines go away is if I unplug the xbox video cord from the back of the xbox or if i unplug the xbox's power cord.

My inverter is a 75W 60W continuous and the xbox needs 100-120, but the xbox runs fine. Idk if the inverter being small has anything to do with it or not, but just thought I would add that.

But what do yall think is the problem?

Thanks in advance!

93 saturn sl2
07-20-2005, 02:00 PM
i donno if this is right but the power inverter could be interfering??

07-20-2005, 03:09 PM
I figured it might be some kind of interference. I just didnt know from what...
I know in car audio your not supposed to run RCAs and the powerwire together b/c you get noise. So I reckon its the same concept....