View Full Version : Eclipse Cd3424

07-11-2005, 01:33 AM
Any good? does it display cd text and so on? what do they compare to? im thinking about getting one but i cant seem to find any information on them. I know that the SQ has got to be at least better than the Panasonic 7301u that i have now.... Looks go to the Panasonics hands down, but im past the whole looks thing and looking to get into the good sounding side of things.

Will this Eclipse be a big upgrade to my Panasonic HU or should i just keep what i got? i can actually get the Eclipse off ebay for less than i can sell the Panasonic for so if the Eclipse is better then i will just ebay the Panasonic and make $30-50 bucks. Give me some insight on this HU... really curious to know if it can display cd text though.