View Full Version : need help with box for 87 trans am

Lil Poot
07-09-2005, 04:00 PM
i've got an 87 gta trans am, 2 soundsplinter rl-p 12's and an eD nine.1 amp. i listen to a wide range of music, classical, classic rock, metal, rap, but i really only feel the need for huge bass when im playing rap, and i like deep, rolling bass 20-60 hz, but if possible i'd like to have it where it can hit the higher, 70 and 80 hz bass as well for the high to low drops. i think i'm going to have to go ported, but how much of a difference would i be looking at sealed to ported? 5 db?
also, i'm not sure which way to go with the sub configuration, i think there is about 3 cubic feet, maybe 3.5 in the well to work with, and i dont really want to have the box behind the back seat unless it would just sound a lot better, reason being it would be easier to break out of my hatch glass and take it, and harder for me to see behind me driving. any ideas, or pictures of something similar? thanks,