View Full Version : Kenwood Excelon KDC X-889

07-04-2005, 06:48 PM
Ok , here is my review of the Kenwood Excelon KDC X-889

First off is the cosmetics , very clean looking with little button clutter , most buttons have more than one function . It has polished sides with a black center , very nice looking deck IMO

Next the display screen and graphics , the screen while being on the small side is easy to read unless the sun is directly shinning on the face , the graphics are cool and include 3 graphic EQ's and 4 movies and 1 wallpaper setting , all are nice and clear with good color .

On too the sound quality , I had never used Digital Time Alignment before this deck and I dont know how I did without it before ! Such a big difference from my past deck (Panasonic) . You can set the speaker distance for all for speakers and the subwoofer , it has a 4 band digital EQ with variable frequency's . It also has dual 24 bit Burr Brown DAC's (usually found only in high end CD players) . It also has SRS and WOW for dealing with MP3's which it seems to read quickly (maybe 3-4 sec) .

It also has AUX RCA input for hooking up an MP3 player or a video source , and has 3 pair (front,rear,and subwoofer) 5 volt 80 ohm RCA's .
Frequency response from the CD section is good at 10Hz to 20Khz and THD is very low at 0.008% , signal to noise ratio is also very good at 110dB

Another feature for the ricer crowd is the built in accellerometer that measures acceleration , braking and lateral G forces on several different displays .

Now on to what I dont like which is one thing . Its kind of a pain to get to some of the menus , though once you have them set you really dont go back to them unless you want to change the time or something like that , once you get used to doing it it isnt all that bad .

All in all I would say it would be tough to beat this HU for what it has verses what it cost . I bought mine online from and Ebay seller for about half of the MSRP so I am very happy with it . I give it a 9.5 outta 10 (only because of the quirky navagation)