View Full Version : Need help on port calculation

07-04-2005, 01:50 AM
ok im trying to figure out the dimensions of a 3" peice of pvc pipe so i can port a friends box. so far i have figured out the box has an internal volume of 2.7^3ft before displacement and 2.54^3ft after displacemet. then we figured 32hz for the tuning as thats what RE recomends for a 12sx. and wed like to use 3" pvc can someone tell me how to use this info to figure out the length of the pvc? the answer would help but really i want to learn how to do it so if someone could teach me it would be greatly appretiated

07-04-2005, 02:35 AM
with the Port Length Calculator off the12volt.com you just add the info you have into the calculator and it does all the work with 2.54^3ft box with 2 3" ports the Port Length wood be about 12.45" long each I wood not use just one port or you might have port nose with the 2 you shoud be fine but i am not shure on that i have naver herd the sx befor but with my 12"L7 i had 2 4" ports becaus with one i hade some port nose now i have the L7 in a slot port box and it is loud i hope this info was wat you wer looking for