View Full Version : Infinite012 (Michael Hahn) = A+, 5 Star buyer :)

06-28-2005, 05:31 PM
Some of you may know that I was trying to sell my pair of Kenwood KAC-646x amplifiers for awhile. I received a PM from a username (infinite012, whose actual name is Michael Hahn) that I had never seen on the boards anywhere with an offer lower than my stated asking price.

After politely declining the lower offer I received a response from Michael that my asking price was acceptable and the lower offer was a shot in the dark hoping I might take a little less. His response further indicated that he was out the door on the way to the bank to make a deposit to ensure that the impending PayPal transfer went through successfully.

Less than an hour later I received one of those "You've Got Cash!" emails from PayPal to notify me that I had, indeed, received the full asking price for the amplifiers. Included with that payment was his shipping address which was a PayPal Confirmed U.S. address (a must for an eBay sale, not so important for a CA.com sale).

Continued email communication, prompt payment, and an overall great attitude makes infinite012 a great fella to sell to.
Thumbs up from me!