View Full Version : *>dezyrme<* Excellent Buyer~A++

06-22-2005, 10:10 PM
I would like to say this was my first sale ever on any forum. I saw this man,in the "Wanted To Buy Section"looking for a pair of A.C.~EQT'S.Wanted them to be Salmon Grey,and to be in nice condition.
I replied to him about the new pair I had since new and never used,and what bottom $$ was.I had to get a friend to take pics of them for him.
We had hit it off,and loved the pictures of the units.He was a very Kind and Considerate person,and was patient with me about the pictures.It took a few days for the pics.
When he received the EQT's,he immediately e-mailed me and was quite happy with them.
The Payment from *dezyrme* was fast and told me when it would arrive at my house!!!!!!!.That's a man who says it will be there.......And it was....On Time ;) :) !!
I would Gladly do Business anytime and again with him. I do not and repeat do not believe there would ever be any issues whatsoever with anyone willing to do business with *Dezyrme* .Thank You for your patience and kindness.
Take Care.
<**Ray**> A.K.A.~MustangGT25YRS~ :D