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06-15-2005, 03:28 AM
As the title states, i think i'm going to do this upgrade. I like my pioneer, but i guess i just want to try something new. I played around with the 9855 at bestbuy for awhile, and i love it. I can get it for $280. Plus i have an Ipod mini, and word on the street is that the 9855 has much quicker scroll times through songs then previous models. ( plus, i like the glidetouch, despite many haters )

I have some questions for you....

1. Is this worth the upgrade, especially at the price i can get it for?

2. What about even if i had to buy it for retail at $450?

I've read up on it and i've seen problems with the "first batch". I'm curious as to if this HU will last me....Alpine's are nice and stable, just this being new i guess, i've just heard lots of problems about them. The only reason i didn't just say **** it, is because most have said that it's only the first batch and that they sent theirs back for a new one and it's flawless. That was about a month ago when those reviews were written.

So, what do you guys think? What's your experiences before/after you've gotten used to the complexity overall? I'd like to have only people who've played with them respond. Thanks for the help!!! ;)

06-15-2005, 03:33 AM
Go for it. Just get the extended waranty if you can, too many problems with those 9855's so far.

06-15-2005, 03:37 AM
Thanks. Yeah, i figured go with it especially considering the price. I'll grab the warranty too. Anyone with personal experiences?? I'd love an in-depth explanation from someone who's played with it for awhile! :cool:

Thanks guys.

06-15-2005, 07:03 AM
from my experience it will be a huge improvment in SQ
one word of advise though
Them Alpines have been dropping like flys this year
make sure you get your warrenty - 2005 Alpine on Ebay is the kiss of death

06-15-2005, 07:08 AM
How can you get it for $280 brand new? LMK i may be interested

06-16-2005, 01:53 AM
Best Buy employee discount.

By the way, i F***** love it!! HUGE improvement on SQ.