View Full Version : diamond d661s or focal polyglass, help

06-05-2005, 04:48 AM
i checked out the d661 at a shop the other day, i liked the way they sound, but the focal polyglass 6.5 sounded a lil bit better, they were both running off the hu. i was in a small room with carpet on the walls(if this matters). they were offering the polyglass for $314, i didn' get the price of the d661. well i went to another shop today and checked out the polyglass and i totally hated them ( they were in a big open room). i checked out the k2 line, but they are too bright for me(although it could have been the placed i was at too), running off of a pg amp. would you guys buy the d661 or buy the polyglass and amp them?

haven't finalized what amp to get yet.

anymore recommendations? my main goal is clarity

06-05-2005, 05:03 AM
Polyglass + amp..and don't look back.

I believe you answered some of your own questions. If you felt the Focals sounded better even powered by a measly head unit, imagine how great they'll sound if a quality amp is sending power to 'em. Hearing the Focals "in a big open room" and hating them doesn't tell you a whole lot, but if you felt the K2s were a bit too harsh, then I'd say trust your ears and go with the Focals. They're an awesome set of speaks and although I haven't heard those particular Diamond offerings, I can tell you that Focal Polyglasses are simply awesome when given enough juice.

Hope this helps some.

Probably not, but oh well.

06-05-2005, 11:09 AM
Listening to components on a speaker wall tells you virtually nothing about how they will sound in the real world. most likely you are listening to speakers on axis or just slightly off axis at a retail store and if your installing them in your doors you'll have no clue what they'll sound like in that position. No way to tell if they have good midbass in the doors of a car. Any dealer selling diamond and focal should have their employee or customer cars available for a real listen.

and for the record anybody who has Diamonds will tell you its rediculous to expect them to perform powered off a headunit. How will you know how they sound at moderate or high volume or if they distort or become too bright or muddy at 50 or 100 watts rms listening to them off HU power? How can you tell anything about midbass being powerd by 18w rms @1% distortion (if your lucky) HU.
For the record I'd be pretty happy with either ones but if you dont buy them retail the Diamonds can be had for about HALF of what the Polyglass will cost. The D6's are priced closer to the Access line. The Focal tweeters are brighter than both diamond silk and metal tweeters if that matters to you (or you dont eq).