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05-21-2005, 03:19 PM
OK, here we go.

I have a 1995 4 door Tahoe. The rear seats are on a hinge system, so I can fold the bottoms toward the back of the front seats, and access whats under them very easily. When I only had a sub amp, I had a peice off wood bolted under the carpet, and then the amp screwed down on top of it.

I want to stay with this same concept, but Im now going to have a sub amp, a 4ch amp, two crossovers, and a distro block.

The rear seat is a 60/40 bench, and comes out in two peices. This means there are 4 supports on the rear floor, or two per seat, or 4 bolts per seat, however you look at it.

Im not to worried about how close the amps get to the bottom of the seats, as I will probably use active cooling.

What I need is an even surface all the way across the underseat portion. So here are my ideas:

1. Take a fiberglass mold of the floor and seat supports. When I take this mold, I will have something in the bolt holes, so the mold has the hole placement in them. Once its made, ill drill and clean them out. After I take the mold out, ill reinforce it. Basically the only reason I want to do a mold like this, is to have a way to secure the whole rack to the floor. Then I will need something on top of it for the flat portion where everything will be mounted. Im thinking distro in the middle, crossover on each side, and an amp on each side of that. For this flat peice, I was thinking a peice of 1/4" plywood. I could get it how I wanted using dowel rods, the same way you would use dowel rods to attach a sub ring in a fiberglass box. Then I could fleece over the edges to make it look like one peice.

Ide have to have someway to access the bolts through the wood. I was thinking I could take a spade bit that was bigger than a socket that I use for the seat bolts, and drill through the wood right about the whole. This wouldnt be to ugly and Im sure I could find something to fill the holes with.

Something else I was thinking was some kind of hinge system on the flat portion so I could access under the amps for wires and whatnot. If I made the top two peiced, I could fiberglass a frame in, and then hinge on the flat part.

Just looking for some input or ideas. Heres a few pics of the area.


05-21-2005, 05:36 PM
sounds cool to me.

go for it :p:

looks like plenty of room

05-21-2005, 05:53 PM
Does my idea sound like it will work?

05-21-2005, 06:03 PM
sure does. maybe do this tho-

instead of doing one big piece of wood.

cut out pieces that are just as big (or a little bit bigger) than your hardware.

a piece for each amp, each crossover, and the distro block. then glue\dowel them in place on the glass relief mould, so they look pretty.

then stretch your fleece (or whatever) and resin that up. dont bother sanding uless you are going to paint it. carpet it up (if you are gonna do that)

you might wanna cut some holes in the bottom fiberglass pice- and route the wires under\throught there.

then also youcan cut out the center pieces benieth your amps to screw down the thing on the inside... so your amps cover the acess holes.

this way, there is a nice curvy\**** amprack with good access to the wires inside (if you dismount your amps)...

then when you are ready to mount the amps - pre-drill the holes in the mounting feet... stick a TeeNut behind there, and get some nice allen bolts and some washers to secure them.


that way whenever you remove the amps- the wood does not get all stripped, and the bolt on the other side stayes embedded in the wood beneith. :)


05-21-2005, 09:58 PM