View Full Version : Who can design box plans and have em today? PLEASE help.

05-21-2005, 12:12 PM
Alright I need someone that can design a box layout for me ASAP.

I basicly paid bcarpenterfhl on Tuesday to do my plans well he said he would have it Wednesday. Thurdays comes by and nothing. I PM him no answer even though he making posts trying to get more business making plans. I email him no answer. Friday still no answer, I finally catch him on AIM he promises he will have it for me Friday night and he will refund half of what I paid cause he knew I needed the plans for Friday to make the box. Well here it is Saturday almost noon, no plans, no money refunded, and a pissed off wife cause this is another day wasted because I made plans to do this.

Someone please help me out, I will pay, I dont care, but I need the plans today.

Max size in my car trunk I can use: 36" wide x 13" high x 13" deep
Speaker: 1 Pioneer TS-W1500SPL 10" sub
Recommended by Pioneer : 1.25cu.ft +_ 10% with a port of 3" x 6"
Size: 10"
Nominal Power: 600 watts
Max Power: 1500 watts
Nominal Impendance: Dual 4 Ohms
Sensitivity: 87dB/W
Freq. Response: 18~2,500Hz
Magnet Weight: 2,300g (81oz)
Displacement: 0.049cu.ft (1.39 liters)
Revc: Dual 3.0 ohms
Levc (mH): 8ohms (5.0) 2ohms (1.25)
Zmax: 8ohms (244.5) 2ohms (61.1)
Fs: 37 Hz
QMS: 15.23
Qes: 0.39
Qts: 0.38
Vas: 0.62cu.ft (17.5 liters)
Rms(N-S/m): 2.13
Mms: 139g
Cms: (m/N) 1.31x10^4
Diam: 7.8in (198mm)
Sd: 47.6sq" (0.0307sq.m)
BL(T.m): 22.54(8ohm) 11.27(2ohm)
Xmax: 0.37" (9.4mm)
Hvc: 1.52" (38.7mm)
Hag: 0.79" (20mm)

Amp powering these will be a Profile AP1200 running a seperate channel to each VC @ 4ohms each

would prefer a slotted port if possible

didnt know what was needed so I posted everything I could find on the speakers and what i was doing.

05-21-2005, 12:14 PM
ohh and I like SPL (I listen to alot of bass) but I will be driving it daily so I would like to hear the music too.