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  1. Head unit doesn't turn off, comes on even when car off and no key in ignition
  2. JVC Headunit issues
  3. What's available that is between eclipse cd5000 and pioneer dex-p99r?
  4. Wanting a head unit that has good sound and a good ipod user interface
  5. head unit repair
  6. PIONEER 590 ib theft mode?
  7. my new head unit
  8. AudioControl 2XS worth it?
  9. Opinions on a Kenwood KDC BT948HD?
  10. Double din
  11. Bad Squealing From Kenwood X794
  12. iva-d106 dvd playback problem
  13. What is the newest Alpine HU?
  14. Value of a Panasonic Ghost?
  15. Considering a couple head units, no recent experience
  16. Advice on Double DIN SQ headunit
  17. Looking for some Head Unit advice on a new purchase
  18. How big of an SD card will my 4200DVD accept?
  19. Alpine w505 not working....advice/experienced people enter
  20. Recomendations for sub $200 HU
  21. Android as usb drive
  22. Eclipse CD5030 and USB?
  23. Alpine ida-x200 skipping
  24. New pioneer line up *****?!?!
  25. Weird slow mo sub action
  26. MVH-P7300/P8300BT Album Art from SD card
  27. Time alignment questions
  28. IVA-D900 Help!
  29. What do I need? EQ, Processor, ?
  30. Pioneer DEH-P680 MP3 player hook up question
  31. Shop for Head Unit
  32. Kenwood DDX7019, Sirius SC-CI, & KNA-G510
  33. Head unit mounted vertically?
  34. Recommendatoins for simple single din for SQ
  35. stock head unit with ten inch sub question
  36. soundstream flip out?
  37. Found my next Double Din!!!!
  38. Need some help deciding/advice/suggestions... (yep, want opinions!)
  39. Alpine 9853 Clipping Volume
  40. What DAC does Kenwood Excelon use?
  41. Need HeadUnit suggestion with SD card
  42. Pioneer DEH-6800mp EQ help
  43. sirius to stock HU
  44. Knowing what you want is one thing, now to find it
  45. Would this be a good first HU?
  46. HELP! Can't connect iPhone 4/iPod to Kenwood KVT-815DVD. GOOD GOD WHY ME!
  47. Pioneer DEh-4300UB help
  48. Suggestions please!
  49. H/U Problem!
  50. Worth the extra $ for higher preamp voltage???
  51. pioneer ava-p4300dvd
  52. Kenwood HU help
  53. Anybody know how to fix a weak faceplate motor?
  54. Something's wrong...
  55. Kenwood kdc-448u vs Sony CDX-GT740UI
  56. H/U and ipod compatability?!
  57. DTA with only 2 Channels Amped?
  58. Make navi/dvd double din suggestions please
  59. X-Over on Head Unit or Amp?
  60. Pioneer avh90bt or avh3200dvd?
  61. equalizer worth getting?
  62. Pioneer AVH-P3200DVD
  63. Issues with H/U
  64. Can a Clarion CZ209 fit in a 1997 Toyota Avalon
  65. H/U problems
  66. HU with best iPod interface?
  67. Amp and Pre-Amp Head unit
  69. LG Optimus and Alpine 117
  70. H/U without cd player
  71. Online wiring diagrams don't match car
  72. IVA D900 help!
  73. Deck with excellent sound?
  74. Where To Hook Up Rockford 3Sixty.2??
  75. Clarion receiver
  76. setting gain... 3/4 of volume question
  77. Pioneer Z130BT
  78. Kenwood DDX516 or Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD
  79. Pioneer AN6B01
  80. Pioneer 9800bt
  81. time for a Alpine 9857 upgrade?
  82. Which model for younger bro's b-day
  83. question about pioneer 3100 touch screen
  84. Help, Alpine CDM-7833 backlight won't turn on
  85. HELP with Alpine CDA-D853 Head unit + iPod
  86. Sony XAV-60 or XAV-70BT does either play Divx?
  87. Best Walmart head unit?
  88. Keep my Eclipse CD7100 or go to something else?
  89. Ipod integration help!!
  90. Kenwood DNX Comparison
  91. New at this, help me decide! Pioneer FH-P8000BT VS JVC KW-XR810
  92. Help!!!!!!!
  93. Need Kenwd DDX896 or Pioneer Z110 comment on H264 frm usb or any HU play H264 on usb
  94. Need help choosing a budget headunit for girlfriends car
  95. can i run a second rca wire from my HU?
  96. I need a HU. Experts enter and give advise please!
  97. Broken JVC H/U?
  98. Do pre-outs go bad?
  99. DVD HU Flip-Out with 3 preouts, and HD Video Input, Full XO Settings?
  100. Thoughts on Kenwood Excelon KDC-X595??
  101. can I record from the preamp outputs?
  102. Kenwood DDX418 vs Clarion VX401
  103. Seeking opinions for upgrade
  104. Hooking up Pioneer Avic N4 navi screen head unit, need lots of help!
  105. Doubt about DC / DC converter
  106. which old school hu is better
  107. Stock head unit to amp
  108. Aux vs. USB
  109. to amp with no HU?
  110. Pioneer AVH-P3200DVD Sub out ?
  111. What is the Auxilary function?
  112. A lot of static from the HU when listening to FM radio
  113. HU Moving Images
  114. Looking for head unit advise if you have time
  115. No power at the harness
  116. JVC EQ Pro setting help
  117. Unlock Kenwood Deadhead unit? Worth selling?
  118. What happened to Midrange units?
  119. New Head Unit Advices
  120. Pioneer DEH-P4000UB? Is it good?
  121. Sq setup advice
  122. Mystery Headunit... Whats the Mod#?
  123. HU with eq and crossovers
  124. Loose face plate causing stereo to turn off?
  125. needing new headunit
  126. How to test HU outside car?
  127. Alpine INA-W900 No navitagion
  128. the head unit i want won't fit! help?
  129. Anything bad with 2V preouts?
  130. Pioneer z120bt, wont play ipod
  131. Smoking Head Unit
  132. Alpine 7179 help
  133. all i want is a android headunit
  134. Orion hcca d5000
  135. 4 ch. head unit to 5 ch. amp.
  136. What model is this JVC?
  137. Help With An Issue With My HU
  138. Pioneer AVH-P3300BT Hissing
  139. Newbie questions - Sorry!
  140. Head Unit turned off outta nowhere
  141. Opinions on this head unit
  142. Head Unit Repair?!?!?!?!?
  143. Bypassing parking brake wire on Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD
  144. helping finding me a new headunit
  145. Help with Pioneer AVH-P3250DVD
  146. is this a good stereo?
  147. HELP w/ AVIC-N5 Needed....uploading custom backgrounds, parking brake wire...?
  148. Is "Bus audio in" essentially an AUX port?
  149. New HU gets sound for 2 seconds then nothing
  150. Handmade/Tube Brands etc.
  151. Handmade/Tube Brands etc.
  152. Which would you buy?
  153. New head unit
  154. Head help please (:
  155. CD skipping on old Alpine Player
  156. Can a head unit going out cause music to be quieter than normal??
  157. Pioneer AVHP3200DVD...want to use a smaller remote!
  158. Jvc kd-s17
  159. Daily HU with flare, suggestions?
  160. crossover setting
  161. Maybe I just should give up-HELP
  162. Ejecting CD without H/U installed
  163. What do you guys think about this headunit?
  164. Best Single Din Nav Unit Available
  165. Sub Level On Kenwood X794
  166. Radio doesn't work in the rain! Help
  167. new car... suggestions?
  168. Difference between Pioneer Z110BT and Z120BT
  169. alpine 9805 on shelf and kenwood kdc-x794 on the way, any reports on this deck?
  170. single dins with built in 3 or 4 way crossovers
  171. Adding a second switchable USB port to my head, is it possible?
  172. double din dvd head unit
  173. Need Some EQ Opinions!
  174. adding a indash processor?
  175. asking for a lot i guss
  176. Equalizer vs crossover
  177. Is the BOSS BV7985 any good?
  178. new car. need new hu...something like my kenwood x993
  179. PS to Pioneer AVH-P3300BT
  180. jensen firmware download?
  181. problem with my pioneer deh-p980bt
  182. When using aux in or cd player only the subwoofer plays?
  183. Eclipse cd3200 vs cd8053
  184. Need help deciding
  185. What Happend?
  186. What to look for in HU
  187. Changing head unit JVC->JVC
  188. Opinions on Eclipse Head Units
  189. pioneer avh-p4300dvd
  190. Cannot Control Head Unit
  191. Help choosing a head unit, complete newbie
  192. Anyone check out VIC Ltd NaviSurf II UBU-3G CarPC??
  193. Nakamichi headunit questions
  194. Headunit not remembering settings.
  195. Kenwood p100
  196. Looking for an upgrade over my dying CDA-9835
  197. Pioneer AVIC-X920BT or AVH-P3300BT?
  198. In the market for a new headunit. Looking at the Pioneer FH-P8000BT
  199. 2004 mitsubishi outlander HU wiring problem
  200. Newbie ready to jump-need tall building-quality and more quality!
  201. Iphone/Bluetooth users...Double Din recommendations...
  202. cda-105 vs mvh-p8200 vs kdc-x794
  203. Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD and iPhone integration
  204. Questions about HUs in general, and a question about a specific HU
  205. Value of these classic Alpine & Clarion tape decks?
  206. AVH-P4200DVD vs. AVH4300DVD
  207. Head unit help!
  208. pioneer vs. premier?
  209. New Pioneer coming, ground RCAs right away?
  210. Question about HUs
  211. JVC KD-HDR60, great head unit.
  212. Question
  213. head unit unreadable unless a midget. pioneer deh 7200 sounds great but can't read
  214. Alpine IVA D310
  215. head unit decision insanity - need some help
  216. Pioneer AVH-P3200DVD
  217. Can a bad head unit cause electrical problems?
  218. Head Unit Limits Set By O-Scope...
  219. head unit advice
  220. DEH-P5900iB iPod help
  221. Can anyone identify this Kenwood deck???
  222. Good Settings for 3200ub
  223. I hate pioneers!!
  224. I guess errbody.....
  225. pioneer avic n3
  226. Linedriver Yes or No
  227. Pioneer DEX-P1R or DEX-P99RS
  228. Detachable Double DIN?
  229. Alpine CDA-9853, PROBLEMS!!! NEED SOLUTIONS!!!!
  230. Pioneer deh-3200ub
  231. Head Unit. WIth or without Navigation?
  232. pioneer 3200dvd sd storage max?
  233. Best Double Din for less that 400?
  234. pioneer 3200 or jvc avx830
  235. Bad RCA Outs?
  236. Need help with Alpine IVA-D106 head unit..
  237. Flip out head unit suggestions?
  238. Android Tablet Question
  239. Opinion on BOSS audio
  240. Alpine cda-9884, question
  241. Looking for the right deck
  242. Kenwood KDC-HD545U
  243. Eclipse cd4000 rb ipod hookup questions
  244. Pioneer options
  245. Pioneer DEH-3200UB
  246. Pioneer HU Question
  247. Boss HU
  248. Kenwood KDC x794 being exchanged for the x895
  249. Got my HU...
  250. Can an Ipod connect to the rear of a PIONEER® AVH-P3200DVD
  251. About to pull the trigger, any reason not to buy this unit...
  252. Which is the better hu.... I need some knowledge!
  253. Running NO head unit (AUX + 1/2 DIN Equalizer only)
  254. experience with clarion vx400
  255. Help with taking out stereo!!!
  256. looking for older alpine units... but which one???!!
  257. Play m3u playlist off of USB flash drive
  258. Who knows this deck. Pioneer Premier DEH-P860MP
  259. Considering a trade or selling for used HU. Please help with SQ HU!!
  260. Fuuuu...Eclipse 8454 face trim got lost
  261. pioneer stage 4 series radio
  262. Pioneer AVH-P3200BT & auto equalizer issue?
  263. XO Vision 7" HU
  264. looking to buy in dash dvd
  265. S/N ratio?
  266. Problem tuning radio
  267. Faulty HU?
  268. Interchangeable plastic knob for Pioneer DEH-P6800MP
  269. pioneer avic f700bt
  270. Budget Touchscreen basic double din that actually works??
  271. To buy or not to buy?
  272. 1 Sub Output - Bad or doesn't matter at all?
  273. 860mp abuse
  274. Installing line output converter to Stock Headunit
  275. Active capable DD headunit
  276. Looking for an affordable double din touch screen that will support a USB hdd.
  277. KVT-696 Back up camera
  278. Excelon Z910DVD play burned discs?
  279. Phone Mute Lead - Wiring Harness
  280. Installation question for Pioneer Z120BT
  281. Help please
  282. Clarion VX401 or Kenwood DDX616 ??
  283. which is a better buy
  284. Brand new Pioneer AVH-P4200DVD wont open. Hit eject, nothing happens - dealer lock?
  285. Single Din, Touch Screen Deck Suggestions?
  286. Radio Harness Has no 12V Power
  287. Dolby Pro-Logic II Sound Processor
  288. Kenwood DNX 6960
  289. Need Help I cant figure this out?
  290. KIV-700 Fuse Keeps Blowing
  291. Can some one explain kenwood system Q and speaker size?
  292. Clarion VZ400 E-Brake Bypass
  293. Tired of flashy head units...where can I get factory-style?
  294. KIV-BT900 Parking Brake bypass?
  295. How do I remove this?
  296. Alpine CDA105 SW preout
  297. Head Unit Problem turns off and on Randomly
  298. Kenwood KIV-700 Video Problem...
  299. Suggestions On A Double Din Hu For My 855R
  300. Got an itouch, now need a HU.