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  1. Looks like Pioneer finally has a replacement for the 880/800.
  2. Help with install of Pioneer AVH-P3300BT in 2006 Honda Odyssey
  3. iPhone Contacts transfer to a JVC?
  4. Top Of The Line Head Unit
  5. Pioneer AVH 4400 IPod Cable
  6. Single dins with gps and bluetooth
  7. Need help with finding a head unit
  8. Need $80-$100 head unit
  9. 2012 models
  10. Problems with preouts on new head unit
  11. Kenwood KDC-HD548U
  12. Pioneer MVH-8200 HELP
  13. Pioneer DEH-P9800BT, connects to ipod, no audio
  14. GPS HU Options with VOICE navi (double-din)
  15. Pioneer AVH-P4300 DVD and USB hub
  16. Pioneer DEH9400BH?
  17. Car Stolen Now JVC Faceplate Bad Connection
  18. Alpne CDA 9887 with KTX 100eq IMPRINT
  19. How to test eq
  20. Recommend HU <$150 shipped
  21. alpine ida-x100 problem
  22. Review: Ipod inside Sony DSX-S200X
  23. Head units that play FLAC
  24. Pioneer X930bt HU Advice
  25. recommend me active HU
  26. Good Head Unit
  27. Stock HU sound processor?
  28. HU recommendations: NAV+DVD+BT+SQ ... That's it!
  29. Whats the actual difference in pre out voltage
  30. need a new h/u,maybe...
  31. What is the "Q Factor" adjustment?
  32. how's this head unit ???
  33. help be figure out wtf happend to my h/u
  34. Help me understand what a Bit One is for?
  35. installed my head unit but no sound for cds?
  36. No sound from speakers...
  37. Dual XDVD710 crapped out...
  38. No voice
  39. Just traded head units.....
  40. where to put nav antenna?
  41. SW level up high and amp gains low, or other way around?
  43. recommend me a double din hu...
  44. Volume Offset Not Working from Tuner?
  45. Iginition wire to head unit is not getting any power
  46. Alpine 9855 help.
  47. so 6 channel units with bluetooth almost imposible to find :(
  48. Pioneer 860mp vs eclipse cd7000
  49. Looking for a new Nav HU
  50. Head Unit Advice
  51. Alpine 9887 Is there any way to make the iPhone4 work with it???
  52. singel din HU with ability to lock out features
  53. AVH p4300 custom animation
  54. pioneer avh-3300bt vs avh-2400bt what are the differences
  55. pioneer app radio sph-da01 does it work with android
  56. Alpine CDE-126BT or Kenwood KDC-BT648U
  57. What Head Unit Volume for DMM Tuning my amp? (Kenwood KDC-MP205)
  58. anyone try jensen or boss for dvd screen decks?
  59. kenwood x995 - day one
  60. head unit alternative
  61. Which processor?
  62. Head unit with HD support
  63. I need a crossover - NEED HELP
  64. Alpine iDA-X305S + iPod
  65. This is the craziest head unit I have ever seen (also what brand do you prefer)
  66. Help picking new headunit..
  67. Eclipse cd7000 RCAs?
  68. h/u 200 or less usb,aux,sub pre amp
  69. Got to have one DEH-80prs is out
  70. When looking into a head unit...
  71. $200 or less. 2+ pre amp outs
  72. Help with Pioneer Avic D-3
  73. is the 80prs excessive for me?
  74. Jvc kd-a925bt + ch-x1500
  75. Pioneer DEH 80PRS vs Pioneer DEX-P99RS
  76. Advice for buying double din head unit
  77. Looking for best 1-Din HU w/ sub out, aux in, and bluetooth streaming
  78. Kenwood V-Offset??
  79. McIntosh MX4000 and MDA4000
  80. whats the difference between alpine cda 9887,9886, and 9885.
  81. some DD head unit recommendations.
  82. Looking to get a screen (880PRS crapped out on me) Whats some decent ones?
  83. Is my HU toast?
  84. EQ Setting
  85. cd7200mkii pointers and advice...
  86. no power antenna on temporary head unit
  87. Alpine cde-123
  88. This looks kinda interesting......
  89. new headunit only plays to driver front speaker when on aux??
  90. Alpine CDA-9886 cd player problems
  91. Pioneer DEH-8400BT or Alpine CDE-133BT
  92. Looking for Double DIN Headunit for girlfriends Jeep
  93. sony headunit reads front in and only plays to the drivers side speaker....?
  94. Eclipse CD5030 vs. Pioneer DEH-80PRS
  95. rip eclipse headunit
  96. Eclipse cd7000 mounting cage
  97. whats the better head unit? dont comment on how much they both ****. only 2 options
  98. I saw this and laughed...
  99. Panasonic CQ-C700U issue
  100. Head Unit not playing full volume
  101. FLAC support on Pioneer 80prs.
  102. Who has a JVC KDR820BT deck
  103. Anyone have this problem?
  104. Need help with my CD7000!!!!
  105. What to get? ($100-$350)
  106. need help quick
  107. Alternative microphone for Eclipse CD5030 headunit
  108. Upgrading to an Alpine 9887?
  109. Head Unit for Android Tablet
  110. $900 to spend what to get
  111. Need help picking a new HU
  112. help me find an OEM processor!
  113. alpine 9886 and my ipod
  114. 4300dvd camera help
  115. Dimming a hu more?
  116. Alpine CDA-7977 + iphone4?
  117. 2 Questions about HU's with active crossovers
  118. Good deck for $75-$150????
  119. Good deck for $75-$150 price range ??
  120. I can't find the right wiring harness
  121. Pioneer advanced sound retriever
  122. Alpine 9813 Help
  123. Kenwood vs Pioneer
  124. kenwood/pioneer/jvc.....
  125. Head unit recommendations (new or used?)
  126. Amp Turn on lead question
  127. Pioneer DEH-P600UB
  128. Any Recomendations???
  129. Kenwoods Top of the line HU for 2012
  130. anybody got a 04 navigator w/navi??
  131. PAC harness/interface question (Alpine INA-W910 HU)
  132. Good Head Unit to run 2 amps
  133. Dodge Ram DVD in-motion?
  134. Nav head unit vs. CD head unit
  135. Pile of stuff. Help me choose...warning long post
  136. backup cam and reverse wire location 2011 F150 FX2?
  137. Pioneer MVH-8300BT - album art (mp3 or m4a from USB)
  138. 07 cobalt radio not turning on
  139. Pioneer deh-2100ib + subwoofer?
  140. Clarion MAX675VD - Ipod to HU "sleep" Problem
  141. Pick a Processor
  142. HU help
  143. Will my head unit and amp give me clean sound with a 2v preamp output?
  144. Jvc KD sh1000 ( active HU for only $100 BNIB)
  145. head unit help!
  146. 2012, the year of the tablet HU?
  147. Pioneer DEH-80PRS
  148. Pioneer premier 880prs
  149. Pioneer HU and EQ Help
  150. Are jvc head units any good?
  151. Which head unit for my needs
  152. Replacement for 360.2
  153. Do All HU's sound the same? Just different features? Alpine? Eclipse? Other? confused
  154. OEM integration
  155. alpine power pack
  156. Buying A Cheap Double DIN Touch Screen
  157. 880prs pre out issue
  158. Question about OS Pioneer Premier DEX-P78
  159. Alpine CDE-123 (or similar models) EQ question
  160. What do you think is the best headunit?
  161. Head unit install issues
  162. Anyone tried a JVC KW-XR810?
  163. Jl audio clean sweep info
  164. Alpine 7897 - Older head unit - Randomly will skip on CD and MP3 CD
  165. Is my head unit still good?
  166. iPad+JL Audio CL-RLC+4 channel+mono=??
  167. PIONNER DEH-6300 UB Problem trying to switch the preout from SW to REAR Full
  168. Need help w/ Kenwood KDC-248U!!
  169. Alpine CDE-123 vs Pioneer DEH-8300UB vs DEH-6350SD
  170. AVH-P4300DVD - What am I dong wrong!?!
  171. Active crossover control
  172. Alpine Ipod Error (PLEASE_HELP)
  173. Engine Noise/Whine from Pioneer Head Unit
  174. WTB HU with Pandora ready, and interfaces well with Droid phone (down w/ i-Communism)
  175. Double Din or single din???? Going Active what would you do??
  176. Old School Pioneer I Found in my Garage
  177. Soundrace s-9288t
  178. I have a JVC KD-AVX2 CD DVD PLAYER
  179. Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD hissing on me :(
  180. What dash install kit do i need?
  181. Anyway to add an AUX (3.5mm headphone jack) to stock HU?
  182. Anyone have any experiance with a jvc kw avx840?
  183. Good Headunit around $150 that has....
  184. Can this be done with HU?
  185. Will this come with wiring harness?
  186. Whats a good HU?
  187. narrowed it down to these 3 HU or recomend me a better one.
  188. '03 Chevy Cavalier HU Install... $60 Harness?
  189. suggestions for a new system??
  190. Time for an upgrade
  191. Kenwood excelon kdc-x889 opinions
  192. What happened to hu's having more than a 3 band eq?
  193. Properly setting "time corrction"
  194. JVC kw avx800
  195. Eclipse CD7200MKii questions..
  196. Any suggestions for double din stereo non-navigation with zero bit muting???
  197. Going active with a non active HU?
  198. Need help with rear audio out for Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD
  199. High quality single din cd player Alpine CDA-9887 or Alpine Cd117???
  200. Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD, 37 units for sale on ebay for $348.89
  201. Need suggestions for budget deck "$200 dollars"
  202. JVC Arsenal KD-A925BT Question
  203. Pioneer harnesses all the same?
  204. HU with awesome fluid folder/directory navigation?
  205. so lets say someone decided to spill a fuckload of coffee on my deck
  206. Pioneer DEH 7200HD help setting EQ
  207. Need a 4 way active Crossover where???
  208. Line Driver Question
  209. HU for MB + iPhone + BlackBerry
  210. Alpine Bluetooth
  211. Re Audio Reh-3005 mechless player
  212. clarion drx7375 and dph-9100 combo. aux in?
  213. OMG not another HU questions... Specific for my setup
  214. Which Head Unit Should I Get??
  215. Need a new headunit
  216. Dual XDVD710 and iPOD?
  217. jvc kd-sh1000 crossover set up
  218. Is there really that much difference in SQ between head units?
  219. Eclipse AVN52D EJECT LOCK?
  220. Kenwood KDC HD942u HELP
  221. Alpine in-dash with two 5"x7"s?
  222. Double Din Shopping
  223. Eclipse INFO 3 able to read key cd??
  224. which head unit for ipod only - Eclipse 8051 or Alpine 7894?
  225. I would love this headunit
  226. Need advice on new iPhone Oxygen Radio
  227. Help me choose between 3 HUs please…
  228. Pio 4300 or single possible SQ deck???
  229. what do you think of blaupunkt decks?
  230. Pioneer DEH-7200HD Won't Play Ipod
  231. Quality of Cheap Ebay Double DIN Tough-Screen Stereos?
  232. what do you guys think about the alpine CDE-133BT?
  233. Advice needed on finding double DIN
  234. Pioneer app-radio
  235. What is a good cheap HU for this setup, and how many RCA Outs do I need?
  236. OBDII Display, Nav, Bluetooth, Ford Sync Compliant, Rear Camera...Does This Exist?
  237. Which head unit would you use?
  238. Opinions on these head units. Wanting to get a new one
  239. green clarion cx201?
  240. Video on Clarion NZ 501
  241. Alpine Cda 9805
  242. Alpine CDA-117
  243. HU Advice - AVRCP
  244. my kenwood
  245. Pioneer 9800bt display went out
  246. transperant faced clarion HUs?
  247. HU with decent ipod/mp3/aac built in DAC?
  248. Kenwood Head Unit in a 2004 Land Rover Discovery 2
  249. HU Advice
  250. Sony XAV-62BT Opinions????
  251. 2-Din Touchscreen question
  252. iPhone 4gs and Pioneer AVH P4300DVD
  253. Best HU for Bluetooth Handsfree?
  254. Can I Bridge HU Outputs to double the power coming out?
  255. Help with Pionner 4000 dvd
  256. Decent HU Budget Friendly
  257. THE Android-based HU - I guess there's only two...
  258. Best navigation head unit and why?
  259. Innovatek W-72GPS Questions?
  260. Help in choosing a navigation head unit... Please!
  261. Can you help me decide?
  262. Need advice on a double din for around $500.
  263. Recommend me a head unit
  264. Any good places that fix HU's??? Bad situation for me.
  265. Hard Drive with HU USB
  266. Good headunit for running active?
  267. Alpine DVA 9865 vs CDA 9855?
  268. Need help.
  269. Pioneer DEH-P8300UB vs Alpine CDE-123
  270. pioneer headunit with dead pico fuse
  271. TrailBlazer issues, is it the Headunit?
  272. Looking for : head Unit
  273. Decks Comparable To My 9855?
  274. Problem with new avh-p4300dvd
  275. whats the best touch screen deck for around 200 dollars
  276. Need help with my Clarion Dxz945mp. PLZ, PLZ, PLZ!
  277. Desperately need help with my Alpine
  278. Your favorite head unit of all time O.o
  279. Alpine 7965 no sound please help!!!
  280. Alpine CDA-9831 Equivalent?
  281. need help with pioneer CD-IB100II ipod interface
  282. Pioneer 4000dvd parking brake
  283. eclipse cd3100
  284. CD player noise through amp/speakers when quiet Kenwood KDC-HD545U
  285. pioneer p4900dvd and kx600.4 interference
  286. Rockford HU are Crap?
  287. ** SONY H/U's (Good or Bad?)**
  288. Just installed IPOD hookup and no sound
  289. Possible Issue With Alpine Imprint
  290. When will the replacement for the AVH-P4300DVD be coming out
  291. Decent double din or good single din???
  292. So alpines imprint rocks
  293. Alpine hi speed cable worth it?
  294. cd7200 mkII owners
  295. best 1 din indash?
  296. Selling my Sony MEX-BT38UW to a friend, looking for a really good HU
  297. Sub amp wired to rear audio out, not sub out, this a problem?
  298. boss 3.6
  299. Going active question
  300. Pair Two Cell Phones to One Head Unit?