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  1. Getting the Most Out of Any Electrical System
  2. HAT, JBL, GZ, PPI, PHD and more! Tons of gear.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving and here is how you match a sub in WinISD :)
  4. Earn 20% more on your trade in starting NOW through Cyber Monday!
  5. BLACK FRIDAY @ Vertex Audio!
  6. WinISD Part 2 Reading Graphs; A Guide to Car Audio
  7. WinISD, a quick guide to this useful program.
  8. A Guide to Car Audio: Quick Guide to Choosing a Sub and Box
  9. Black Friday: What would you guys like to see from us for a Black Friday sale?
  10. Head Units Continued. A Guide to Car Audio.
  11. Now a Krome Audio loudspeakers authorized dealer!
  12. Back to Basics: Head Units
  13. Doing a Multi-Amp Setup? Check out our guide before you get started
  14. This weeks article is...
  15. Cdt es-0690
  16. Ohms Law and Setting Gains
  17. All New Ultra Audio LV 6.5" DVC Subwoofer!
  18. A Guide to Car Audio: External Amplifers
  19. A Guide to Car Audio: Amplifier Basics: Head Unit (Internal) Amplifiers
  20. A Guide to Car Audio: Ported Vs. Sealed
  21. Clearance Sale! Zapco, Arc, JBL, PowerBass, and JL Audio
  22. New Vertex Website! Check it out!
  23. Save 50% Off Your Next CDT Speaker System!
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  25. We are now building boxes! Fill out this form for a quote!
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  27. Summer Special! Vertex "big woofers" tee now 25% off!
  28. Now a MX Designs Dealer
  29. Check out these BEEFY 21" Ultra Audio Subs
  30. Tons of used gear for sale! (and some new)
  31. ARC Audio at CES 2014 talking about there new XDi series amplifiers.
  32. Hybrid Audio at CES 2014!
  33. Mechman Alternators CES 2014
  34. Best of CES 2014
  35. Vertex at CES 2014 - interviews with CDT and Incriminator Audio
  36. Holiday Combo Package List (new and used)
  37. Current list of traded in gear
  38. Zed Audio Mikros are here!
  39. IA Black & Blue sale and our Trade In Program
  40. Incriminator Audio BLack & Blue sale! Nov.1-29th
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  42. Visted Zed yesterday...
  43. Zed Leviathan III Pictures!
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  47. July Specail ideas
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  49. Used Amp sale JBL, ZED, Rockford, POLK Audio, and more!
  50. New Vertex Audio Stickers!
  51. April Specials! Second Skin, Shok Industries, CDT, and Ultra Audio!
  52. Now carrying Second Skin Sound Deadener - Selling by the SQ ft!
  53. Levi's
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  63. Trade in program, what do you guys think?
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