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  1. Geting Proper Port Area
  2. Sundown zv4 help
  3. Which portable Oscope?
  4. Dilemma sound stage
  5. Sound stage.
  6. Dual Channel FFT measurement systems
  7. Pink noise SQ setup.
  8. pre fab vs custom
  9. Lack of lows?
  10. What kind of roll off do you get when you..
  11. help adding pressure
  12. does on axis waves reflect in straight lines.
  13. help with aeroports for two sa15s
  14. How many batteries is enough?
  15. how realistic is a hair trick / decently high DB?
  16. Goldline DSP30
  17. First true spl box build
  18. Sub flapping sound
  19. Best Way to Tune Your Enclosure and Set Gains Based on your Music Library
  20. Sound Processor Question
  21. hardwire oscope ?
  22. Factory integration Help
  23. How unrealistic is my goal?
  24. Acoustic loading and wall explanation
  25. 2ohm vs 1ohm load
  26. Looking for low and loud. 2 18s. 6 15s or 8 12s
  27. 10 farad stinger cap wiring for best SPL/current delivery and ground return
  28. Parallel wiring for higher SPL
  29. Tips for highest spl score
  30. LS400 tips & tricks
  31. enclosure experts come in plz!!
  32. Dd9515 box
  33. which amp to get the most out of my 2 fi q 12 sealed
  34. Adhesive for Wood to Roof brace? Link me some Brands.
  35. Help choosing subs for current box configuration
  36. Need helps gaining some db!
  37. Battery and power supply
  38. 150+db from IB. can or has this been done.?
  39. looking for a box design for 1 12'' with serious lows..
  40. 16 volt bassheads lend me some advice
  41. Alternator?
  42. Slot port on left, right or centered
  43. Best 12" Sub for SQL, $300 or under?
  44. System setup - attenuation and gain overlap
  45. 2 12's ported vs 2 15's sealed
  46. SPL with Type Rs
  47. custom box for 10s
  48. 145db Examples
  49. What will hit harder
  50. i want loud but clean sound qualityro all info is apretiated
  51. My RTA curve.
  52. Iasca cd
  53. PS8 - General Guidance
  54. Attack and degrade?
  55. IB or Sealed in a Wagon with a single 10
  56. Infinite Baffle and/or ported for front trunk
  57. help with 1st spl system
  58. Setting Up an Audio Control DQDX
  59. Wattage increase, boost decrease
  60. planning on going active
  61. Solving The EQ Problem
  62. need help trying to align 3 way active
  63. c-Pillar wall
  64. SUNDOWN AUDIO question!!
  65. SUNDOWN AUDIO question!!
  66. Rear firing with large box concerns
  67. I'm looking for a SQL system
  68. four 8 inch subs or two 15 inch subs?
  69. Help With DSP Choice Bit1/Bit10/3Sixty.3/ 1st Time Poster
  70. Headunit preout voltage and electronic crossover?
  71. Which is the best in your opinion?
  72. Dodge Ram Crew cab Blow Thru
  73. Input on new front stage
  74. mobile sound works subwoofer box
  75. front firing and 18 in a trunk, need allot of insight
  76. SUB and BOX help needed
  77. info about spl
  78. clippping sound at high volume, cant stand it, i miss my quality even at high volume
  79. same car wanting more DB
  80. Help with selecting crossover points for a cz702
  81. termlab near or in pensacola??
  82. T/S parameters and Box Design w/ WinISD
  83. wall rebuild!
  84. One 12 148db+ 3.5k?
  85. Suggest me a good SPL setup for 2 15"s... 4000W+ RMS
  86. Midrange run active off zapco 6 channel question
  87. need song Ideas
  88. Looking for a Digital Sound Processor with Time Alignment and other features
  89. Help picking best SPL subwoofer?
  90. Best for spl
  91. Changing up the front stage. Again! Need input on how YOU would run it.
  92. add eqs or straight from deck?
  93. Which encoder is best for DEH-80PRS
  94. box rise outside the vehicle...?
  95. What are some SPl tricks or tips you have learned?
  96. IDBDrag "normal use"
  97. new meca rules and classes
  98. Staging and Imaging?
  99. Measuring box rise - frequency sweep??
  100. auto-tuning vs. self tuning
  101. to old to compete?
  102. figuring out vehicles peak frequency
  103. Silverado ext cab Tuning frequency?
  104. Sundown Audio E-15 X2
  105. 2 dd 2512s vs 1 15 ssa xcon
  106. tweeter location
  107. True RTA spectrum analyzer
  108. box rise question
  109. Mid level SQL Build Input.
  110. help!!! senior project!!!! ASAP
  111. Sheffield Labs - "My Disc"
  112. fatmat made my car ride worse?
  113. Gaining decibals.
  114. Meter tuning?
  115. question about cone area calculation for determining pressure class
  116. single RE MT18
  117. hmm...''b'' pillars
  118. What SPL meter should I get
  119. Anyone have any experience with the JBL MS-8
  120. Image Dynamics CTX65cs' tweeters. On-axis or off-axis?
  121. Just Wondering?
  122. Box tuning and port size help
  123. question on how i should run my 3 way front stage
  124. Question about ohm load on different subs (Not the Normal Questions)
  125. Subs FS same as my car's peak.
  126. sealed the wall. still louder trunk open.
  127. Alot louder with door open, not enough port area?
  128. Did a 138.0 today with single 12"
  129. Adcom turn on/off pop
  130. audiopipe haters and huggers commence!
  131. Help with utimate SQ build
  132. Bass Sounds Like It Is Coming From The Back
  133. I started running fuses todaay
  134. need help with new system
  135. two hdc3 18's on kx2500
  136. a new guess my score.
  137. easiest way to seal off a trunk wall
  138. AQ HDC3 15 recone options
  139. fuse discussion
  140. New SQ Build Help
  141. 147 db on a LOW tuned box
  142. Help choosing.
  143. almost there.
  144. harse mids from Alpine SPR-60C
  145. What would you do?
  146. What #s you think i will hit
  147. took out my eq/line driver, really did lose spl.
  148. Convertible Options
  149. 1 sub vs 2 subs?
  150. More Mid-bass. Will it help??
  151. vvx's louder in closed trunk then open ranger?
  152. Tips on gaining 1/10s
  153. Custom sub enclosure
  154. Gaining Decibels?
  155. RTA (Real Time Analyzer)
  156. OEM integration for max SQ
  157. Better Bass In Headphones Than In Car
  158. infinite baffle Blow through
  159. Dslr safe to use for bass vids?
  160. Added a litte midbass today.....
  161. apple Ipod touch apps
  162. respectable score
  163. MS8 5 way ???
  164. Rear Fill or No?
  165. termlab problem
  166. worth the trouble?
  167. SPL Box?
  168. Need help designing a burp box.
  169. The Magic Buss
  170. I need some input from active vets
  171. Active Crossover question
  172. cca vs ofc speka wire
  173. Please give feedback on my Hybrid Clarus install and door deadening (pics inside)
  174. Another question about setting gains?
  175. Hybrid audio clarus tuning help, tweeters are harsh S sound, possible sibilance
  176. cant figure out this darn o-scope
  177. buying a spl meter. any opinions on what brand?
  178. How do I go Active with my Setup?
  179. dc m2........................
  180. Anybody get MDF with Soft Spots?
  181. Help with trying my first active setup
  182. Tweeter Spheres - pics and examples
  183. Help With TRF2215 Motor & 15" Ti Basket Dream Sub Build
  184. Need box help for 2009 dodge ram crew cab
  185. Coolest sounding tunes, songs, artist for listening on a high end system? Advice?
  186. Advice on Test CD or downloadable test track? New Toy-HU-Eclipse CD7200 mk II
  187. rear stage vs front stage
  188. need to relocate my rear deck speakers.
  189. Lol, help
  190. Sound Imaging, the evasive pleasure, how do I catch it?
  191. Help a noobie out
  192. Davecubs14's spl thread
  193. Extended/Full Range vs Tweeter
  194. Proper sealing of doors when the door panel uses clips to attach to the door
  195. gap tolerance
  196. Moving to a single 15
  197. Different meter formats
  198. help me rebuild my front stage and integrate rear fill
  199. SPL system help
  200. 143.3 at the headrest in S2
  201. Fiberglass Deadening Opinions
  202. Crossover Question.
  203. Does Elevation Affect TL Scores?
  204. Midrange placement - where are yours?
  205. Where is the sq section???
  206. whats better - 2 layers of Dynamat Xtreme or 1 layer of Second Skin Damplifier Pro ??
  207. front stage: in the roof facing down?
  208. how many Db's will i gainn ??
  209. Audison Bit One
  210. pegging 122dB with Stained "Outside" with just the front stage
  211. how to gey windshield flex from alpine type r's
  212. 2x Sundown Audio z15v2's +DD z2hv = 157.8 db's - SSNW
  213. Setting up a JBL MS-8
  214. I have a question.....
  215. best metering location???
  216. Having an issue with my system. Somone help me figure it out. Alpine & Zapco gurus
  217. Serious Question about SPL
  218. Found a term lab
  219. How should I face my subwoofers?
  220. new sql/spl section