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Reload Thread: Where to get an amp fixed???

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    Where to get an amp fixed???

    well after some troubleshooting today I have found that my baby, PPI PC2150, has a dead left channel!! yes, I know this is a very sad moment for me. I have owned this amp since it came out and is in perfect still brand new condition.

    So this is extremely dissapointing to me.

    But my question now is where to get it repaired? should I get PPI to do the repair job??? will it be the same as it was before now that DEI does it all???

    or is there anywhere else I can get it done at? and how much do they usually charge? I have never had this happen before, I guess I have had some **** good luck with amps. Of course all the amps I have owned have been PPI sedona, art, and powerclass series amps.

    thanks in advance, sorry for so many questions.

    06 Acura TL, HU: Factory, Processor: RF 3sixty.2, Tweeters: Seas Neo Aluminum, Mids: Seas W16nx, Amp: JL HD900/5, Subs: Soon to be SI BM MKIVs when available.

    WTB: SI BM MKIIIs!!!!

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    Re: Where to get an amp fixed???

    T.I.P.S. will fix almost anything

    but they are not cheap

    they are in mississipi I think

    or try and find a local electrcian

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