Long story short, I had a 1 OHM stable amp running two 4 OHM DVC subs in parallel at 1 OHM. The amp (an Orion HCCA 225r) is to be bridged using both positive terminals from each channel, as opposed to the positive from the left, & the negative of the right.

Now I didn't know that, so at first I had the amp bridged using one negative, and one positive. The amp sounded really good this way. I later found out from the manual you're supposed to bridge using both positives, so, I switched it. It was MUCH louder this way. Only after a short...20 minutes of use at the most, it would over-heat and shut off. I know Orion's HCCA series amps are known to draw a LOT of power/current (I'm not sure which word to use there). I was curious if supplying the amp with more power, perhaps this wouldn't happen. Being as I'm not using extra batterie(s) or caps, would this cause the amp to work a lot harder and over heat way too fast?