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    I need help with my amp please.

    Okay, I have 2 200 watt speakers and a 450 watt sub. I also have an 800 watt amp and I want to know if I can make my amp bring 200 watts to each speaker and 400 watts to my sub. Please help and thanks for reading.

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    Well, unfortunatly no.
    your amp might put out a good deal of power to the sub because of the fact that channels a and b are bridged, wich will cause the a and b channels to run at 2ohms each to make the total 4 ohm mono load, and its only amplifying low frequencys which make the greatest power demands on an amp.
    But channels d and e are running stereo at 4ohms each and amplifying the high frequencys, which don't need alot of power to be loud.
    Now im assuming your running one of those 800 watt four channel amps right?, If thats the case it would probably be safe to assume that the bridged channel would put out 150 to 200watts rms and the stereo channels would put out about 50 to 75 watts rms each.

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