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Reload Thread: Holy @%#! Huge Sq Difference!

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    Holy @%#! Huge Sq Difference!

    Before today I was running a BX1000D at 2 ohms (700 watts) on my Matrix Elite 12... and it sounded all right... got loud and low... but had an overhang problem.

    Today i got my Tantrum 1200.1 and decided to try it out before I got another ME so i could send 700 to each one. So since my ME is a dvc 4 ohm model, I called up the PG tech support and asked them what power the tantrum does at 8 ohms because I didn't wanna fry my sub. The tech support guy told me that it should do 600-700 w at 8 ohms (****ing insane amp) and that was perfect for my sub.

    So i wired it up in series... and its not necessarily louder... but it is SOOO much more accurate, punchy, and tight than the Brutus was. Its a completely different kind of bass, it hits you in the chest instead of rattling your ***.. I can't emphasize enough on how the upper bass region was improved and the lows sounded so much cleaner.

    For anyone running budget amps, I will definately support the conception that a watt isn't a watt and that better built amps in fact DO sound much better. So for all of you who got cheap on those amps... try something with a prestigious name and experience the difference.

    My car audio addiction will be complete when my system sounds as good as my $20 headphones.

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    Re: Holy @%#! Huge Sq Difference!

    Join the club

    The Tantrum kicks some serious ***...

    I've got a T500.2 and T1200.1, love 'em both.

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    Re: Holy @%#! Huge Sq Difference!

    I love it when someone comes over to my team.

    Eclipse CD5000
    PPI... DEQ-230
    PPI... PC450 4 channel
    Eclipse 3640 4 channel
    FI 12"BTL
    Eclipse DA7232 (2000 watts RMS)<------
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    Kicker R5c 5.25" midrange

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