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Reload Thread: If i buy an EQ, do i need an amplifier?

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    If i buy an EQ, do i need an amplifier?

    Hello. I want to buy only an EQ, but i need to know if i need also the amp to make it work


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    That would depend on what type of EQ you have...there are those that are "EQ-Boosters" that have a minature amp built in, and then there are those that are "passive" in which an audio signal just passes through on it's way somewhere else...usually an amp. Find out what you have first, then you can figure out what you need to make it work.

    Generally, if it has a bunch of connectors that look like the ones on the front of your VCR, then it is passive and needs an amp...if it has many wires, like 10-14 or so, then it's probably got some sort of power built in.

    Have fun!

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