So I gave this chick a crossover I didn't need.

It's an active xover;

She opened it up, and found a burnt resistor - replaced it with an identical one (10 ohms, .5 watt) - gives it ( the entire crossover ) 12v, and it lets the majik smoke out.

What other information do you need to lend some insight

Here's a quote.

theCybe [10:57 PM]: what are the specs of that resistor

-cheeka [10:57 PM]: 10 ohm 1/2 watt

theCybe [10:57 PM]: 10 ohms
theCybe [10:57 PM]: the fxck

-cheeka [10:58 PM]: it smells in here
-cheeka [10:57 PM]: hehe

theCybe [10:57 PM]: lmfao