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    Hifonics XX Hercules question

    sorry for the noob question but can you wire 2 RE SX's to a XX Hercules amp like this: the sx's are dual 2 ohm and I want to wire each sub parallel so each one is 1ohm. Can the XX Hercules put out 1000 watts to each in this situation. Please help me out thanks

    02 White Diamond Escalade
    Alpine IVA-D300 Head Unit
    Audiovoxx 15.2" Flip Down Monitor
    2 7" Ultravision Headrest Monitors
    Boston Pro60's in the Front
    Boston SX65's in the back
    Rockford Power 4004 for the speakers
    2 12" RE 2006 XXX's
    2 Orion WCC-5000d's (New Orion 2500d)
    2 Yellow Top Optimas
    Dual Alt Bracket with 2 275 Amp Alternators
    Soundstream 40 Farad Cap
    Sub box: ~11 cubes 4th order bandpass tuned to hit from 20-80 Hz(I <3 Bandpasses)
    120 sq ft of eDead

    Have 1 Blown RE SX and 1 SX In Great Condition
    Also have 2 2 Rockford Power T10001BD amps that are only 1 month old LMK if youre interested

    Cardomain Site

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    Re: Hifonics XX Hercules question

    i dont think the Hifonics XX Hercules is 1ohm stable... am i correct? best way to do it would be like this:

    you'd get 650w rms to each sub then, think thats the most you'll get?!! im a bit of a n00b too.. haha

    LeXtReMe BaSS BeaST

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