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Reload Thread: 2 eD 13kv.2 + ?

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    2 eD 13kv.2 + ?

    Hey my first post. I am going to have two eD 13kv.2 subs, dual 4 ohm. They will be in a sealed box, 1.0cf for each chamber. It will be in a tiny Isuzu Impulse. I want the subs to see around 300-500 watts each, while keeping the stock electrical, stock. And also keep the price below $300. Right now my choice is the bx1000d. Good or anything better? Thanks.

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    Re: 2 eD 13kv.2 + ?

    order the package deal with two 13kv.2's dual 2 ohm and a nine.1 amp 450x1 @ 4 ohms 900x2 @ 2 ohms 1200x1 @1 ohm

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    Front speaker amp:Nine.2
    Sub Amp:nine.1
    Subs:3 ED 9kv.2's
    Sub Box:1.5 cubes ported @ 29 hz

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    Re: 2 eD 13kv.2 + ?

    you can get a pair of dual 2ohm kv2's and wire the 9.1 at 2ohm, plenty of power. you could also run dual 4ohm kv2's and run the 9.1 at 1ohm, setting the gain conservatively.

    either way, $300 is feasible, pm me

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