I am in desperate need of some help from anyone who is experienced with car audio... I am looking to spend under 400 dollars on a decent-good stereo system for my truck ( 2 10's and an Amp). Best Buy is having a sale and for 300 dollars i can get 2 10 inch 1100-watt max power subs, a 2-channel 1200-watt max power amp and a sub box (all sony Xplod). I dont need the sub box and I dont really know if this is a good deal....alls I really need is 2 10 inch subs and a good amp too go along with them. I am a frequent shopper on Ebay so i know how to find some good deals. So if you could just leave me the name of 2 good 10 inch subs and a good amp to go along with it that would be great. I have been looking at these 2 10 inch Audiobahn AW 1000Q subwoofers...if you could tell me what a decent amp would be to make those subs sound good then please tell me...I am looking for all the help i need here folks...even if you could just educate me on what I would need and I can look for myself, that would be greatly appreciated.