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    Memphis 16-MC3004 Info

    I need some info I try hard to search on my own but Memphis seems to have about the least amount of useful info on their website that I've ever seen... or perhaps it's that ID Ten T error ( ID IO T ) and I'm simply missing something!

    I was seeking info on the 16-MC3004 amp.. I realize it is rated as 75W x 4 into 4 ohms, but I'd like to bridge it to run as a 3 channel amp ( considering same with the Helix 400 Mk 2 ). If I were to bridge the 2 rear channels to run a sub, what wuld the power output be into both 4 ohms and 2 ohms, and would it be stabl ein eithe rof these configurations ( front speakers are 4 ohm ). Thx. also can I expect heat issues running in 3 channel mode?

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    Re: Memphis 16-MC3004 Info

    i dont know much about that amp... but let me
    hijack with a quick memphis question...

    m class vs. power reference...

    i know the power reference is a lower
    line but what makes it a "cheaper" amp???


    my setup
    2004 honda accord V6 EX / Nighthawk Black Pearl 2 door coupe
    premier 860 / eD 16Ov.2 / viper 1200.1 / 2.2^3 @ 30hz / stinger bullet interconnects

    girlfriends setup
    2004 pontiac sunfire / silver metallic / 2dr coupe
    eD e12o.44 / memphis 1000d / 1.6^3 sealed box

    here we are
    face to face
    same energy
    you and me
    dont want to be



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