got a real doosey here. i just bought a memphis pb1kd. it is supposed to be 1 ohm stable. however i hooked up to rf punch 10" he2's to it and wired them down in series to 1 ohm. i took the system for a "test drive" and was extremely disappointed. the amp kept shutting off and i could not keep the system on for more then 10 min, if that. i know about impedence but if the amp is 1 ohm stable, why would it cut out after 10 min of use and me not even really turning up the volume?
also i noticed that now that i have my subs @ 4 ohms, the amp still cuts out. thats memphis quality for you. i dont know why. i think its because it over heats but im not sure. i have a pioneer 4300 head unit and something wierd happens to it when i turn off the subs. to turn the subs on or off, u need to shut the unit off and hold func for 5 secs then a menu comes up and you scroll to front/rear or front/sub. well i can see that when i do front/sub the system should come on. when i do front/rear it shouldnt come on at all, should it?
very confused need help