I posted a day ago about trying to figure out what amps to get and since then I have narrowed it down to three choices. Therefore, please let me know what you think.

I have been doing tons of research on getting some amplifiers for my 2003 Jeep Wrangler. I’m a complete beginner at this and I’m desperate for some help. Over the past two years I have upgraded my speakers with;

5 ¼ Sony X-Plode (XS-V1335X), 3-way speakers, 4ohm, near the front doors along the base board.: 2-50 RMS, 200 watts peak

5 ¼ component Alpine (SPR-136A), 2-way, 4ohm speakers in the front dash: 8-40 RMS, 160 peak watts

6 ½ Infinity Kappa 62.5i, 4ohm, in the overhead soundbar: 2-75 RMS, 225 watts peak

Finally, I plan on replacing the center console (between driver and passenger seats) 6” subwoofer with a 8” Sony ( XS-L81P5) 2ohms subwoofer.

Here is my dilemma?????? How do I amp this mish-mash of speakers? Here are the three options I came up with under $600 wanting no more than two amps (space is at a premium in a Wrangler)

1. Go for Power plus save Money:
Kenwood KAC-8401, RMS 60x4 at 4ohms, Peak 320x2
---Powers The Sony and Alpine speakers

Kenwood KAC-X541, RMS 88x4 at 4ohms, Peak N/A
---Powers the Kappas and Sub

2. Go for Power Quality however, less amps
MTX Thunder 404, RMS 50x4 at 4ohms, Peak N/A
---Powers Sony and Alpine speakers

MTX Thunder 564, RMS 70x4 at 4ohms, Peak N/A
---Powers the Kappas and Sub

3. Go for Sound Quality however, costs the most
Alpine MRV-F340, RMS 55x4 at 4ohms, Peak 250x2
---Powers Sony and Alpine speakers

Alpine MRV-F540, RMS 80x4 at 4ohms, Peak 350x2
---Powers the Kappas and Sub

There you have it, the three choices I’m playing with. What do you think? Which set-up should I choose or do you have another option? Also, do you forsee any problems with the set-up, ie.blowing speakers,etc.?

Also, any suggestions for a reputable Dallas, TX installer would be appreciated.

Thanks for any help you can provide.