I'm really a newbie, beginner whatever you want to call it, in car audio. I was offered 2 10' Concepts for about $150 from a audio store, is it worth it? If you have a pretty good amp pushing it? If anyone can take the time to answer some of my questions it will mean alot to me thanx.


Most of this was borrowed from other threads, i'm sorry if i offended you in any way.

1 BOSS audio remote level/x-over << what is this?
- 1 Stiffing Cap << what is this?
-1 1 Farad Streetwires cap << what is this?
-2 Stinger T-distribution blocks << what is this?
-Stinger 4awg wiring << what is this?
- But not box i was planning on doing something whack with my box using open pipe resonators << what does this mean??
-what kind of box is best for a Ranger?? what kinds of boxes are there? and what do they do??
-900 x 4ohms at 0.03%thd << what is this??
-4 gauge wiring, PPI capacitor << what is this?
-db efficiency is like 98.6 db i want about 150 -160 does that 98.6 << what is this??
-what is a terminal cap??
-I've heard that it depends on your setup in your vehicle to make a good sound difference, if there are so many different setups what does mostly everyone want to do and not want to do.

On a amp I am really confused.....

- Mono, is this just a amp to run for just like specific speakers?
- 2/Channel, is this just a amp to run the subs and the component speakers?
- multi/channel, is this just a amp to power more then two sets of speakers??

What does the following mean.


If someone could really help me out with this I would really appreciate it, My s/n is rooskisman.