My friend is selling his SPL amp. I guess it's an older model 2 channel 300 watt. Not sure of the model number. It was used to power two JL w3s (I think) 10" subs and it definitely made those subs rock.

My question is does anyone know anything about these amps? Are they entry level, midrange, higher? I doubt they're top of the line just based on their prices, but how is their quality?

Other question is should I buy it off him to power my one kicker L5 10". Right now I'm running it one ohm off my xtant403a which is probably putting over 200 Watts to it. It definitely bumps, but I'm wondering if I'd benefit from additional power.

I'm more of a SQ guy then a SPL guy (and yes I know the kicker is more SPL but it's the only thing I was familiar with at the time).

Any suggestions? Feedback? Thanks.