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Reload Thread: Looking for amp suggestions

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    Looking for amp suggestions

    New guy here, I've got a new kicker 12" L7 on its way to me... what amp should I get? I'm not going to be trying to push it hard all the time, but being able to occasionally wake the dead isnt a bad option either. I'm confused on what ohm stability I need because of the DVC thing. I've never owned a DVC sub before. Says 2 ohm in the description. Suggestions? thoughts? I dont really wanna break the bank, but I dont want some cheap amp thats gonna overheat or crap out on me. less than $250 would be great, but I could go higher if needs be to get something of quality. been out of the loop for a while

    This is the sub I bought

    Thanks alot for any help

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    Re: Looking for amp suggestions

    Head Unit/Speakers: Cheap Pioneer package from Walmart
    Subwoofers: 2 SoundQubed HDS210s in custom 2.2 cuft box tuned to 33 hertz (I know a little small for them, had to save space.)
    Subwoofer Amp: Hifonics BRZ1700. Wired to 2 ohm (1200 watts.)
    Electrical: Stock

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    Re: Looking for amp suggestions

    ^^^ second that.

    Clip city b1tch, clip clip city b1tch. 10's, 12's, 15's, goin up in flames b1tch.
    2009 Sienna 3.5L Subs : C2 threatcon 15s. Sub amp: hifonics brx 2400.1D x 2
    Headunit: Pioneer 80PRS bought used from vertex audio Mids/Highs amp: PPI Phantom 900.4 - bought from dragnix
    Front stage: 3 way active front stage with Massive Audio CKX 6x9 component. ckx 6x9 midbass in doors + DB drive pro audio 6.5 in the kick. Rear stage: Jbl ms62C(Its a van I need rear fill). Still NOT ENOUGH! SEND HELP!! 4 Pro Audio 10s in the future
    320 amp Singer alt almost installed. Just a group 31 deka in the back atm with big 3 finished.

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