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Reload Thread: Quick and Easy Volume Control of Subs

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    Re: Quick and Easy Volume Control of Subs

    Beatin' or whatever made a unnecessary unhelpful comment saying that to turn down volume you simply turn the volume knob on the HU, and so I replied to him defeating the purpose of his joke because I said I don't have a volume knob, I have volume buttons.
    In my defense, I don't know what retarded car today has a stock HU that does NOT have a volume knob. I've sat in plenty of vehicles and don't remember ever having buttons instead of a knob.

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    Re: Quick and Easy Volume Control of Subs

    It is not a stock HU... it is Pioneer and they use buttons not knobs for their double dins for a cleaner look and to provide as much screen area as possible

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    Re: Quick and Easy Volume Control of Subs

    Quote Originally Posted by heimsothe View Post
    Well the alpine website says the knob is sold separate so I assume it doesn't, I'll just buy the PAC. A concern I had about the Alpine knob is that it would override the amp's gain settings and so setting the amp gain would do nothing and the knob would do all the controlling, thus leaving the potential of accidentally turn the bass knob up and clipping my signal...
    As in the amps settings wouldn't matter... so turning the knob to full would be like turning the amps gain to max... which has me spooked. So I think I'll stay with the PAC
    Sounds like you are all good to go man! Don't forget a set of male-male RCA adapters too.

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