First of all, this is my first post... Hello All!

I currently am facing a dilemma as to what to do, very soon I will be replacing my head unit which will allow me to hook up my amplifiers to my new system. The unit is an alpine CDE-HD148BT which is going into my Prius. I have already sound deadened everything and installed a component system up front (blaupunkt woofers and polk tweeters) and a coaxial in the rear (cerwin vega). I also have two Bravox EXS10D-4s ready to be hooked up.

Here's the dilemma, without having hooked up any of my amps before I have no idea which one should be hooked up to which speaker. Here are my options:
Lanzar PMW 50
A/D/S PowerPlate P80
Soundstream Reference 300
Planet Audio T2100
Cadence F200-2

Now I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be using the powerplate for the tweeters but as for everything else I haven't an idea. If you had this equipment at your disposal, what would you do?

In case you are wondering why I don't have one multi-channel amp it's because it's what I've managed to snag at second hand stores for dirt cheap, same with my speakers...
Edit: Also, I am looking for SQ over SPL...